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Peace. The world cries "peace".

The #Our Lady of Fatima, Mother of Jesus and ours, help us build paths of encounter and paths of dialogue towards peace, and give us the courage to undertake them without delay. #Let's PrayTogether

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Love hated

commentary of Jn 15:18-21, edited byMartina Pampagnin

Prayer of May 13, 2023
Prayer of May 13, 2023 4

For all that matters, if it matters, you're my fingerprint.

Noemi and Fiorella Mannoia, Thelove he hates himself

I enter the text (Jn 15:18-21)

At that time, he said Jesus ai suoi discepoli: «Se il mondo vi odia, sappiate che prima di voi ha odiato me. Se foste del mondo, il mondo amerebbe ciò che è suo; poiché invece non siete del mondo, ma vi ho scelti io dal mondo, per questo il mondo vi odia.

Ricordatevi della parola che io vi ho detto: “Un servo non è più grande del suo padrone”. Se hanno perseguitato me, perseguiteranno anche voi; se hanno osservato la mia parola, osserveranno anche la vostra.

But they will do all this to you because of my name, because they do not know him who sent me."

I get inspired

Camminare per la strada della vita, sentendosi fuori dal mondo per un “io credo” che non viene capito, spesso deriso e raramente accolto.

Walking the road of life like in a dance: you are the music to move your feet to in time. The rest doesn't matter: your music softens derision, accusations, non-welcome and takes space, invisible but concrete, even where there seem to be no open doors.

Continuare a camminare al tuo passo, la mia impronta nella tua, è il solo modo di vivere per me. Credo in quel passo, credo in quel ritmo, credo in quelle note che portano con sé odio già abbracciato nel tuo Amore.

I believe in your Love, made of service and compassion, of mercy and forgiveness, of invisible presence perhaps, but equally perceptible.

Grant us to walk in your steps, sure of your presence.

Martina Pampagnin

On the occasion of his visit to the Shrine of Fatima, Pope Francis addressed the Virgin Mary in a loving and devoted way. An always very strong relationship, the one between the various Popes and Fatima, demonstrating the importance that this religious destination has within the Church.

(Prayer of Pope Francis to Our Lady of Fatima)

Hi Queen,
Blessed Virgin of Fatima, Lady of the Immaculate Heart,
shelter and way leading to God!

Pilgrim of the Light that comes to us from your hands,
I give thanks to God Father which, in every time and place, operates in human history; pilgrim of Peace that, in this place, You announce,

I praise a Christ, our peace, and I implore harmony among all peoples for the world; pilgrim of Hope that the Spirit animates,
I come as a prophet and messenger to wash everyone's feet, at the same table that unites us.
Hello Mother of Mercy,

Lady in the White Dress! In this place, from which a hundred years ago
to all you have manifested the designs of the mercy of God, I look at your dress of light
and, as a bishop dressed in white, I remember all those who,
dressed in baptismal candor, they want to live in God
and recite the mysteries of Christ to get peace.

Hello, life and sweetness,
Hail, our hope, Pilgrim Virgin, Universal Queen!
In the most intimate of your being, in your Immaculate Heart,
look at the joys of the human being on the way to the Heavenly Homeland.

In the most intimate of your being, in your Immaculate Heart,
see the pains of the human family that moans and cries in this valley of tears.
In the most intimate of your being, in your Immaculate Heart,
adorn us with the splendor of the jewels of your crown and make us pilgrims as you were a pilgrim.

With your virginal smile reinvigorate the joy of Church of Christ.
With your gaze of sweetness strengthen the hope of sons of God.
With the praying hands you raise to the Lord, unite everyone into one human family.
O clement, or pious,
O sweet Virgin Mary, Queen of the Rosary of Fatima!

Let us follow the example of Blessed Francisco and Jacinta, and of those who consecrate themselves to the announcement of the Gospel.
Thus we will travel every route, we will go pilgrims along all the ways,
we will tear down all walls and cross all borders,
going out to all the suburbs, demonstrating the justice and the peace of God.

We will be, in the joy of the Gospel, there Church dressed in white,
of whiteness washed in the blood of the Lamb
poured even today in the wars that destroy the world in which we live.
And so we will be, like you, the image of the luminous pillar
that illuminates the ways of the world, to all manifesting that God exists,
that God there is, that God dwells among his people,
yesterday, today and for all eternity.

Hello, Mother of the Lord,
Virgin Mary, Queen of the Rosary of Fatima! Blessed among all women,
you are the image of Church dressed in paschal light, you are the honor of our people,
you are the triumph over the onslaught of evil.

Prophecy of Merciful Love of Father,
Teacher of the Announcement of the Good News of Son,
Sign of the Burning Fire of the Holy Spirit,
teach us, in this valley of joys and sorrows, the eternal truths that the Father reveal to the little ones.
Show us the strength of your protective mantle.

In your Immaculate Heart, be the refuge of sinners
and the way that leads up to God.
united with my brothers,
in Faith, in Hope and in Love, I entrust myself to You.

United with my brothers, through You, a God I consecrate myself, O Virgin of the Rosary of Fatima.
And finally, wrapped in the Light that comes to us from your hands,
I will give glory to the Lord forever and ever.


Little prayer
Prayer of May 13, 2023
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