Here it is me

14 years on earth, eternity in heaven
14 years on earth, eternity in heaven

Cultivate love

Eugene is love.
We help those who need help: we help cancer research, we help young cancer patients, we help parents

Live the love

We have walked the path of love.
We want to help other families to retrace that path, downhill, without difficulty. Houses, lodgings, apartments: live with the patient.

Spread love

Love is contagious.
Let us let ourselves be influenced by Eugenio, and spread his love. Let's lend a hand to those experiencing difficult times.

Eugenio loved basketball, sport was fundamental in his life. Like sharing and love for others.

This is why today his association aims to build spaces where sport, sharing, culture and love for others become the fulcrum for intense youth activity.

Look at our most ambitious project, click here

  • Palazzetto di Eugenio
    Basketball court

    Multipurpose basketball court with 576 seats

  • campo da paddle del centro polisportivo Eugenio Ruberto
    Padel courts

    2 padel courts

  • campo da tennis
    Tennis court

    1 tennis court

  • campo di calcetto centro polisportivo Eugenio Ruberto
    Soccer field

    1 soccer field

  • il bar del centro polifunzionale Associazione Eugenio Ruberto
    Green space

    Large public green space, with bar and services

  • palazzetto centro polifunzionale Eugenio Ruberto
    Large parking

    Large and tidy parking area, equipped with 58+1 parking spaces

€ 10
€ 50
€ 100
There is no love in installments, love in portions. Pope francesco
Daily life notes
My life, short but intense

Fragments of life

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Let's pray together

Evening prayer

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Every day we offer the reading of the Word of God, including reading, psalms, meditation and the Gospel.

The Word of the day

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The testimonials of love


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Meditations, prayers and notes
Sleep among the stars

Bedtime stories

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Attivi nella condivisione

Le nostre cause

boy, child, happy, sorriso di un bimbo

A smile against cancer

1% Donated
Goal: €3,000.00
Un sorriso contro il cancro Il nostro impegno costante è quello di portare un po’ di gioia e serenità ai bambini del reparto di Onco-ematologia dell’Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù di Roma. Attraverso questa campagna solidale intendiamo donare un sorriso, un attimo di distrazione, un briciolo di dolcezza ai tanti piccoli presenti in ospedale. Puoi aiutarci...
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podcast banner

Video podcasts

4% donated
Goal: €3,000.00
Il nostro nuovo progetto: video podcast In cammino. Siamo il popolo di Dio, in cammino. Il nostro cammino ci vede impegnati in un nuovo progetto, che nasce da un sogno di Eugenio, con Eugenio. In questo momento storico di isolamento, di solitudine, di apatia e di stress il nostro desiderio è di creare aggregazione, condivisione,...
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primo piano Eugenio in auto

Eugenio Ruberto Association

6% Donated
Goal : €50.000,00
Ecco la pagina per le donazioni all'Associazione Eugenio Ruberto
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Our upcoming events

Udienza Generale del 12 giugno 2024

4:00 - 22:30Piazza San Pietro
Abbraccio Giuseppina e Eugenio

Santa Messa del 17 aprile 2024

18:00 - 18:30Church of the Annunziata