Leggi e ascolta la poesia “Shalom” di Samih al-Qasim

Al-Qasim è nato nel 1939 nella città di Zarqa nel nord della Transgiordania,oggi Giordania, mentre suo padre era nella Legione Araba del re Abd Allah I di Giordania.

Egli proveniva da una famiglia drusa dalla città di Rameh in Alta Galilea. Ha finito la scuola secondaria a Nazaret. La sua famiglia costretta ad abbandonare la sua casa in seguito alla guerra (Nakba) del 1948. Nel suo libro su Principi e Arte, egli spiega,

While I was still in elementary school the Palestinian tragedy occurred. I consider 1948 to be my date of birth, because the earliest images I can remember are from that war. My thoughts and images are born from the number 48

Samih al-Qasim

Al-Qasim wrote 24 volumes ofpoetryand published six collections of poetry. His poems are generally relatively short, some of only two lines long.

As a journalist he worked for newspapersal-Ittihad,al-Jadid,Index.

Shalom 4

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Let others sing peace
friendship, brotherhood and harmony.

Leave the singing of the crows to others
someone will scream in the ruins in my verses
towards the black owl hunting debris of dove towers.

Let others sing peace
while the grain is consumed in the fields
longing for the reapers songs to echo.

Let others sing peace.

While over there, beyond the barbed wire
in the heart of the dark
the tent of the cities draws closer.

their inhabitants,
settlements of sadness and fear
and the tuberculosis of memory.

While down there, life fades away,
in our people,
in the innocents, who never hurt in life!

And here, at the same time,
many have lived…in so much wealth!
Their ancestors left so much wealth for them
and also, alas, for others.

This legacy – the pain of the years – belongs to them now!
So let the hungry eat their fill.
And let the orphans eat the leftovers from the grudge stand.
Let others sing peace.

In my land, among its hills and villages
peace has been killed.

Samih al-Qasim, 1964

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