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This document contains the General Conditions of use of the website www.eugenioruberto.it (hereinafter, for brevity, respectively the "General Conditions" and the "Site") which anyone who intends to browse its pages must comply with.

Access to the Site and any action that involves browsing its web pages constitute acceptance of the General Conditions. In the event that the user does not intend to accept the General Conditions, it is sufficient to refrain from browsing the pages of the Site.

Anyone who accesses the Site implicitly declares not to use the Site and the material contained therein for illicit purposes or in any case contrary to the laws in force. The General Conditions may be modified by the owner Eugenio Ruberto and his parents (hereinafter "Eugenio") at any time, without notice being given to the users of this circumstance and without prejudice to the latter's responsibility to review them periodically before access the contents of the Site.

Access to the Site after such changes entails full and unconditional adherence to the General Conditions as modified. If within the web pages of the Site additional services are offered or content is presented subject to specific terms and conditions reported on such pages, the same will prevail over these General Conditions.

Site content

The website www.eugenioruberto.it, in the shop section, is a portal that allows you to donate through the choice of gifts, clothing and other items, with the aim of supporting research on rare genetic diseases and donating the proceeds to religious institutes , donate toys to the radiotherapy department of the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome and to the neuro-oncology department of the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital in Rome. All contents of the Site (news, photos, videos, sounds, brands, logos, domain names, application software, graphic layouts, technical documentation and manuals, etc.) and the rights related to them are reserved, therefore they can be consulted exclusively for purposes of personal information, any other use being expressly prohibited without Eugenio's prior written consent.

What it offers users
Links may be inserted on the Site to third party sites (public administrations, main partners, institutional partners, technical partners, collaborative companies, and more...) that support and collaborate with Eugenio's activity. The hyperlinks have the sole function of facilitating user navigation, information and the possibility of illustrating the countless ways of donating, given the numerous partnership relationships established between Eugenio and the aforementioned subjects. Furthermore, Eugenio Ruberto makes it known that he cannot influence in any way the structure of third-party institutional sites linked to his own nor can he be aware of the truthfulness, correctness and adequacy of the materials and/or information contained therein. If specific conditions of use are present on the site reached, the latter must be considered as prevailing over the General Conditions.

This blog is non-profit, does not represent a newspaper and is updated without any periodicity. Therefore, it cannot be considered in any way an editorial product pursuant to Law no. 62 of 7.03.2001. The iconography developed to graphically comment on individual posts mainly uses images available online which, in this case, belong to the respective authors who, more often than not, are not easy to trace to request authorization for publication. If interested parties believe a copyright has been violated and wish to exercise this right, they can notify us and we will immediately remove the reported image.

Intellectual and industrial property rights

All contents of the Site are protected and safeguarded by current regulations regarding copyright and intellectual property. Any non-expressly authorized extraction or re-use of the material present on the Site is prohibited, as is any other activity that may harm the legitimate interests of the authors and holders of the rights to the intellectual works accessible therein. The Site and its contents may be used exclusively for personal, research or teaching purposes, with the exclusion of directly or indirectly commercial purposes, provided that the details of the right holder are left intact and no modifications are made to them. By way of example, but not limited to, the contents of the Site include:

  1. the lyrics;
  2. The photos;
  3. movies;
  4. web-video;
  5. databases;
  6. graphs and tables;
  7. the slogans;
  8. audio reproductions;
  9. animated drawings or not;
  10. any graphic and/or text representation in general.

Non è pertanto possibile copiare e/o riprodurre in tutto o in parte il contenuto del Sito senza l’espressa autorizzazione di Eugenio Ruberto e/o di chi ne fa le veci. Al contempo, si segnala che tutti i marchi, nomi a dominio, denominazioni sociali, ditte ed insegne presenti sul Sito sono di titolarità esclusiva di Associazione onlus Eugenio Ruberto e quindi protetti dalla vigente normativa in materia di segni distintivi. Ne è pertanto assolutamente vietata la riproduzione in ogni forma o modo senza l’espressa autorizzazione di Associazione onlus Eugenio Ruberto così come è da ritenersi altrettanto vietata la registrazione del marchio “Associazione onlus Eugenio Ruberto” in qualunque top level domain. Si informa che nelle pagine del Sito potrebbero trovare collocazione marchi, nomi a dominio, denominazioni sociali, ditte ed insegne in titolarità di terzi, con cui Associazione onlus Eugenio Ruberto ha rapporti di partnership, i quali godono della medesima tutela accordata ai segni distintivi di Associazione onlus Eugenio Ruberto dalle vigenti norme in materia. Associazione onlus Eugenio Ruberto rende noto che è assolutamente vietata l’utilizzazione di tutti i segni distintivi in titolarità di Associazione onlus Eugenio Ruberto come metatags, e/ovvero ogni comando in linguaggio html che, pur non comportando la visualizzazione o la formattazione di un certo comando, forniscono in ogni caso istruzioni agli agenti elettronici o ai motori di ricerca per aumentare la reperibilità di un sito diverso da quelli riconducibili a www.eugenioruberto.it


The images in the articles are used for purely illustrative and educational purposes. If they violate any copyright rights, please write immediately to the following email addresses for their removal:

  • info [at] eugenioruberto.it
  • ass.eugenioruberto@pec.it

How to use the Site

Associazione onlus Eugenio Ruberto rende noto che il contenuto del Sito non può essere, in tutto o in parte, copiato, riprodotto, ripubblicato, caricato, trascritto, trasmesso o distribuito, in qualsiasi modo o forma, senza avere ottenuto la preventiva autorizzazione scritta da parte di Associazione onlus Eugenio Ruberto, fatte salve le attività di stampa, download e visualizzazione di parte del contenuto del Sito compiute per scopi esclusivamente personali e non commerciali ed a condizione che il materiale in questione non sia in alcun modo modificato e siano mantenute tutte le informazioni relative ai diritti di proprietà intellettuale ivi apposte. Inoltre, il contenuto del Sito non potrà essere diffuso, in tutto o in parte, attraverso canali di comunicazione, quali la Rete Internet (anche mediante piattaforme web o similari), i sistemi televisivi, radiofonici o di qualunque altra natura in mancanza di preventiva autorizzazione scritta da parte di Associazione onlus Eugenio Ruberto. Le informazioni ed i materiali contenuti nel Sito non potranno, inoltre, essere utilizzati per scopi commerciali al fine di costituire banche dati di ogni tipo e genere, né essere archiviati (in tutto o in parte) in banche dati preesistenti, sia accessibili esclusivamente da parte del costitutore sia messe a disposizione di terzi. Con riferimento ai video embeddati presenti sul nostro sito, si precisa che essi – ove ciò venga autorizzato – sono stati caricati attraverso il canale Youtube, e pertanto per la loro regolamentazione si rinvia alla condizioni disciplinate dal sito www.youtube.it.

Linking and Framing

Without the written authorization of Eugenio Ruberto and/or whoever acts on his behalf, it is in no way permitted to create links to the home page of the Site which can currently be reached at the web address https://www.eugenioruberto.it/ (hereinafter also the “Home Page”) nor to any other page within the Site. If, however, there is an interest in creating a link on your site with the Home Page, a request must be sent to this effect. sense by e-mail to info@eugenioruberto.it in which the following must be indicated:

(a) the data of the requesting natural/legal person
(b) the explicit reasons for the request
(c) data relating to the person responsible for the technical aspects of site management where you intend to insert the link to the Home Page (including the e-mail address and telephone number);
(d) the indication of the web address of the site where this link will be created;
(e) any further information is deemed useful in order to obtain authorization from the Eugenio Ruberto non-profit association.

Frame links ("framing") are prohibited, which allow a page of the site to appear on a specific page of another site, simultaneously ensuring that the content of said page appears instead of appearing in an independent browser window. within a framework structured for this purpose.

Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability

Eugenio Ruberto informs you that all contents published on the Site are provided for general information purposes only and may not be complete and exhaustive and therefore reserve the right to modify and update such information without prior notice.


If a clause of these General Conditions is deemed illegal, void, or for any reason ineffective, such clause will be deemed severable from the other clauses, without affecting the validity and effectiveness of the remaining provisions.

Applicable law and competent court

Without prejudice to any rights that users enjoy by virtue of different national or international regulations, these General Conditions will be subject to Italian legislation and will be interpreted in accordance with it (with the exception of its rules on conflicts of law), therein including any dispute concerning the existence, validity and effectiveness of the General Conditions and any other agreement that refers to them. Within the limits of the above, the competent court to hear any dispute arising with reference to these General Conditions as well as any other agreement that refers to them, will be the Court of Santa Maria Capua Vetere (CE). By virtue of the application of Italian law, in the event of any interpretative conflict between the Italian and English versions of these General Conditions of Use, the Italian version will prevail.

Licenza Creative Commons
This work by Eugenio Ruberto non-profit association is distributed under License Creative Commons Attribution – Non-Commercial – No Derivative Works 4.0 International.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at https://www.eugenioruberto.it/contattami/.