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Eugene Ruberto fought strenuously against his 2 brain tumors from 13 September 2019 to 17 October 2020

During this period, his family incurred innumerable expenses: travel, the motorway, diesel fuel, food, lodging, medicines.
And last but not least the purchase of a used camper to make the wish come true Eugene of travelling.

Thanks to your help, the Ruberto family was able to bear all the expenses.

We want to do more and better.
The newNon-profit association Eugene Robertintends to collaborate with:

  • Scientific Research Institutes
  • Homes for families
  • Hospitals
  • Religious institutes
  • Sports associations
  • anyone who does their utmost in humanitarian activities for children suffering from pathologies, collecting funds, donations and bequests.

Our association no profit si propone di organizzare in Italia e nel mondo eventi, manifestazioni, incontri che possano stimolare la fede, la collaborazione, l’love nel prossimo.

We would also like to create something beautiful in our small town, Dragoni in the province of Caserta: a multifunctional facility, with a basketball court, a playroom, and a recreational space for children.

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Help us make this dream come true!For us, for others, for Eugene.

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Association Eugene Roberto – tax code 93118920615