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Video podcasts
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Our new project: video podcasts

On the way.

We are God's people, in path.

Our journey sees us engaged in a new project, which comes from a dream of Eugenio, with Eugenio.

In this historic moment of isolation, loneliness, apathy and stress, our desire is to create aggregation, sharing, dialogue, debate, confrontation.

Uniting the past and the future: man and technology.

We are here, you as men and women; the technology is provided by our friends at Google with their YouTube platform.

Thanks to our friends at Google who provided us with free time and space (Google has a specific program for non-profits like ours), dedicating a space of our own on the YouTube platform, every week we will broadcast video podcasts on different topics: family, sport, inclusion, disability, personal care, medicine, pharmacy, homeopathy, faith.

Every week we will broadcast the commentary on the Sunday Gospel. We will have spaces for reflection and sharing of the Word of God. We will talk about the family: needs, problems, suggestions, advice. We will host professionals in the studio who will show us techniques and methods for treating ourselves, and doctors and pharmacists will help us choose medicines and treatments for various small pathologies. Boys and girls will engage in "unboxing": a common practice of discovering new products to comment and test them with the help of online chat.

And many other themes that you will recommend to us.

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Beautiful, is not it? We really believe so.

The first video

In our first presentation video we explain our project:

Our podcast room is ready! 3/17/2023


This project has initial costs, partially already incurred thanks to your previous donations:

Then there are costs for each live and/or video streaming: costs for maintenance and electricity must be added to the aforementioned material.

It's true: the YouTube platform is free, the place where we will broadcast the video podcasts is our property; but all the other out-of-pocket costs are to be borne, and without your help it will be difficult to continue on our path.

With your financial support, your suggestions and your opinions, we can create spaces for dialogue and growth for our children, both locally and globally, and provide all the people who follow us with moments of reflection, spiritual growth and entertainment.

Video podcast 1


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