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Hi everyone! There tale di questa sera è talmente dolce che solo ad ascoltarla vi scioglierete.

A me ha fatto questo effetto e desidero condividerla con voi.

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Once upon a time, there was a young she-wolf with eyes of an iridescent dark purple hue, named Evìta.

Having lost a leg, she had never lost heart, and even if crippled and unsteady, forced to eat only seeds and drink lots and lots of water, she had never stopped singing her poetry to the moon, even if in a more low, as her condition required her, equally proud to fill creation with her song.

la lupa evìta

“But with that paw! So dressed up!” “It makes you sick!” "Poor!" they came from time to time, voices in her ear.

“I dream / swing between the branches / a feather”she sang, one step behind the others.

“But seeds are scarce in winter, and if you weren't able to find them on the bare stone, and for this you had to look for them elsewhere?”

“But how do you live on the rock?”. And Evìta sang in response, making creation shine with her song.

"It seems to me that you have never been invited to the spring festival?"

“And how could he ever manage to get there?”, “Evìta?!” ,“It would be too long a journey for her!”, “She would have to stop too often to quench her thirst!”, “And then how would she manage such a long journey?”

"Poor!" “Lame!” "It's so bad!" "A witch!"

la lupa evìta
pair of wolves

"But you're beautiful!" sighed Dario, a wolf with amber eyes, for which Evìta was perfect, strong, courageous, the only one able to look at him making him feel loved, invincible.

“But my paw? even though I'm so ugly?" she yelped.

And he playfully pulling her ear with his fangs, in front of her fears laughed “My love! Puppy!" wagging his tail. Making her forget her gossips.

“Avìta! Ubi tu Gaius, ibi ego Gaia …where you, oh Gaius are, there I, Gaia, will be! Wherever you are happy, I will be happy! If you are happy, I am happy!" he howled, heart to heart, beaming.

"The love!" moved, the otter Cordelia clapped her paws.

E lei cantava a quelle parole ancora più forte,  giungendo con la sua poesia fino al cielo, lassù, in alto, in alto, oltre le nuvole, l’azzurro, fra i veli dell’aurora, con la sua voce: melodia d’amore, d’impareggiabile bellezza.

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mamma legge la fiaba
Bedtime stories
The wolf Evita

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