Read and listen to the triumph of zero

Hi everyone! Have you ever wondered what value zero has?

Maestro Rodari, in this one nursery rhyme, ci spiega a suo modo e con la sua leggerezza (solo apparente) quanto è importante lo zero.

It seems like a valueless number, but it is a fundamental element for both mathematics che in qualsiasi altro calcolo.

Leggete con me

Once upon a time
a poor Zero
round like an o,
so good but though
it counted for zero
and no one wanted him in company
not to throw away.

Once by chance
found number one
in a bad mood because
he couldn't count
up to three.

Seeing it so black
little Zero
took courage,
on his car
offered him a ride,
and hit the accelerator,
very proud of the honour
to have on board
such a character.

Suddenly who sees himself
stopped on the sidewalk?
Mr. Three taking off his hat
and takes a bow…
And then, by Jupiter,
the Seven, the Eight, the Nine
who do the same.

But what had happened?
That the One and the Zero
sitting together,
one here the other there
formed a large Ten:
no less, an authority!

Since that day the Zero
was highly respected,
indeed by all numbers
wanted and courted:
they gave him the right hand
with zeal and concern,
(to keep it to the left
they were afraid),
they invited him to dinner,
they paid for the cinema,
for little Zero
it was happiness.

the triumph of zero
colored numbers


Quante volte siamo portati a trattare con leggerezza e con superficialità qualche persona, giudicandola di poco valore? ecco, prendiamo esempio da questa poesia e diamo il giusto valore e ciascuno.

There is a sentence that I heard from mine mum, of Einstein who goes something like this: “everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb trees, it will spend its whole life believing itself stupid”. I challenge! Let's think about it!

Buonanotte, con i nostri angioletti

Gianni Rodari

Giovanni Francesco Rodari, known as Gianni (pronounced /roˈdari/; Omegna, 23 October 1920 - Rome, 14 April 1980), was oneItalian writer, educator, journalist and poet, specialized inchildren's literature and translated into many languages. The only Italian writer to have won the prestigious

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