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If it hadn't helped me Lexotan surely I would not have arrived safely at the birth of my son, my first child, my firstborn, my son, my protégé, so desired.

I was in fibrillation, I was super excited, I was happy to the nth degree.

It's 12.45 on August 29, 2006: I'm in the "clean" room in front of the operating room, with the camera and the camera, to immortalize the moment. In the operating room our dear friend the gynecologist dr. Michael Renzo, assisted by our cousin Dr. Maria Biasiucci brought our little baby to the light of the world Eugene.

Eugenio appena nato: e fu subito amore
Newborn Eugene

In my head they just sounded bells, they played to party!

And it was immediately love!

A 40 anni sono diventato padre.

Manca un mese, perché io sono nato il 29 settembre del 1966, ma chi se ne importa: Eugenio sta bene, è sano, è figlio del nostro amore, nato dalla scintilla d’amore tra me e Giuseppina.

Remigio and Giuseppina engaged
Remigio and Giuseppina engaged

Fame: tanta fame aveva, sin da subito. L’infermiera di turno gli propinava ogni poppata pochi grammi di latte, ed Eugenio giù a piangere disperato, perché ne voleva di più, ancora di più, sempre di più.

Right from the start he always had a great hunger for life!

Lively, lively, attentive, our "papotto" grew

Eugenio 1 year and Remigio
Eugenio 1 year and Remigio

His uncles, relatives, grandfather Pasquale, grandmother Antonietta, grandmother Rosaria, attribute the most disparate similarities to him: "the nose is from ... the tip of the ear is instead of ... the mouth, ah no, the mouth certainly belongs to ...

Well judge for yourself…

Remigio 1 year
Remigio 1 year

And so we begin nursery school, at the fantastic “Baby Club” in Alvignano (CE) where not just a nursery school, but a family that welcomes us in its maternal warmth.

Eugene at the Baby Club
Eugene at the Baby Club

The first friends, the first friends, the performances studied and performed better than the Scala in Milan.

Eugene at the first performance
Eugene at the first performance

In everything he did, in everything he said, there was always love, respect for everything and everyone. And a great desire to live, to taste life, to bite into every moment.

There is Gardaland, there is the house of Gabriele d'Annunzio, there is Trieste, c’è zia Marianunzia, c’è Adriano, c’è nonno Pasquale, c’è babbo Natale.

There is love.

Here comes the little sister! Arriva Francesca!

And we are on the first day of school, with my lifelong friend Anna Pasquariello.

first day of school
first day of school September 13, 2012

Then there's middle school, and the basketball, the beloved basketball.

The family: the sacred union of the family!

And then there is the sacrament of First Communion

Parish activity:

Until yesterday evening, skipping this last year of illness widely discussed in this diary:

Fragments of 14 years of life, where there is love, passion, joy, anger, pain, discouragement, and then again love, joy, faith, God.

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