Via Crucis 2022

Dear friends, today is the first Friday of Lent 2022. At 16.00 in St. Peter's the Pious Exercise of the Via Crucis will begin in public form, open to all.

Let us also take the opportunity of this day to pray, to reflect together on what is happening in our lives and around us, and to offer Our Lord our penitential journey in preparation for Easter. This model of Via Crucis also allows us to meditate on the Synodal Path desired by Pope Francis.

Pope francesco

Pope Francis, in Latin: Franciscus PP., in Spanish: Francisco, born Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Italian pronunciation /berˈgɔʎʎo/ ; Spanish pronunciation [βeɾˈɣoɣljo], [beɾˈɣoɣljo]) (Buenos Aires, 17 December 1936), has been, since 13 March 2013, the266th pope of the Church Catholic and bishop of Rome, 8thView more

In short, dear friends, of reasons to meditate on the Way of the Cross Jesus, we have many, especially now that we have war around the corner, that so much wickedness is taking over and that we all need mercy.

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Way of the cross

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