Read and listen to our little prayer of April 6, 2023

Without the Spirit of the Lord there is no Christian life and, without his anointing, there is no holiness. It is beautiful today, on the birth day of the priesthood, to recognize that He is at the origin of the ministry, life and vitality of every Pastor. #Holy thursday +

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preghierina del 6 aprile 2023
Prayer of April 6, 2023 4

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Service. This has taught us Jesus Christ. And with his passion, crucifixion and resurrection he taught us, showing it to us directly on his skin, that for love and for service one can go so far as to give one's life. For love.

This evening our special prayer goes to little Giuseppe, admitted to the Children's Hospital Jesus.

We never stop praying, first for others and then for ourselves.

The prayer unites us, here on earth and from heaven to earth.

Let's pray together

Little prayer
Little prayer
Prayer of April 6, 2023
Preghierina del 6 aprile 2023 2
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Hi, I'm Remigio Ruberto, father of Eugenio. The love that binds me to Eugenio is timeless and spaceless.

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