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Yesterday we attended, as relatives of the bride, the official engagement of Lussy with the beautiful beagle Kobi.

Let's recap. Female dogs are subject to breast cancer if not sterilized, so our trusted veterinarian advised us to mate at the first signs of heat from our Lussy.

So it was. We have searched far and wide to find the ideal partner (but we have not surfed on online dating sites such as Meetic or Tinder: We only went back to friends and friends of friends who knew they had a male beagle at home.


We finally found it: and just think who is the owner? A friend of CSI Caiazzo, basketball colleague of Eugene.

Here are the God-incidences!

Just seeing Pasquale again, tall, young man, I saw in his eyes again the eyes of Eugene, and I was moved. He too, a little awkward, hugged me with immense warmth.

It was like embracing a piece of history, which has now vanished. In heaven.

Today we also gave our young lady a bath, after the "good" night spent with her Kobi.

Prayer of April 27, 2023
bath for Lussy

Real comfort

commentary of Jn 6,44-51, edited byLiving Stones (Rome)

Wisely ignorant, there is no reason why. Puesto el corazon en ti, te will follow.
Wisely ignorant, I'll go where I don't know. Put my heart in you, I will follow you

Alejandro Labajos

I enter the text (Jn 6:44-51)

At that time, he said Jesus to the crowd: "No one can come to me unless the Father che mi ha mandato; e io lo risusciterò nell’ultimo giorno.

It is written in the prophets: “And all will be taught by God”. Anyone who has heard the Father and learned from him, come to me. Not because anyone saw the Father; only the one who comes from God saw the Father. In verità, in verità io vi dico: chi crede ha la vita eterna.

Io sono il pane della vita. I vostri padri hanno mangiato la manna nel deserto e sono morti; questo è il pane che discende dal cielo, perché chi ne mangia non muoia. Io sono il pane vivo, disceso dal cielo.

If anyone eats this bread, he will live forever and the bread that I will give is my flesh for the life of the world."

I get inspired

La vita di tutti i giorni ci mette alla prova, tra impegni e preoccupazioni che offuscano la nostra mente… magari spesso cerchiamo conforto e riposo in piaceri momentanei, che però ci lasciano solo un piccolo senso di felicità e distrazione. E allora dove trovare vero conforto?

Whoever believes and puts his trust in faith will have eternal life. But faith is also something difficult to seek, which requires effort and constant prayer, because the presence of God va cercata.

And just when we have doubts, uncertainties, we no longer have hope, let us turn to the Lord, the only source that makes true promises of life, who does not deceive us: he wants us to follow him and abandon ourselves to him, because he trusts us and has a definite project for one everyone.

Precisely this unconditional trust of his is what draws us towards him, this so mysterious force that says "no one can come to me unless the Father who sent me” is thelove of the Holy Spirit.

Faith in Christ e il sapere che lui è l’unico che può salvarci e amarci nonostante le nostre ferite e i nostri peccati ci fanno credere e sperare nella vita eterna, in qualcosa di più grande che ci attende.

So let's continue to look upwards, not to remain fixed on our failures, on the difficulties, on the fears that block our actions, and let's try to detach ourselves from the false securities we cling to every day: success, money, judgment of others…

So let us ask for the grace to trust in Someone above us, to receive the daily bread that comes from heaven every day and thus experience the beauty and joy of the Lord, the joy of life. The grace of learning to look at ourselves with the same eyes with which God he looks at us every day, to make our history and our life something to truly thank the Lord for.

Living Stones (Rome)

Let's pray together

Little prayer
Prayer of April 27, 2023
Prayer of April 27, 2023 9
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