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The angels they are the inhabitants of paradise, of the eternal garden.

Many times the evangelists, e Jesus himself, cites angels as examples of purity, their strength and their attachment to Father, whose face they constantly see.

That's why we often dream Eugene with this white dress, charged with divine effulgence, sparkling with purity, full of its warmth of love.

And this warmth gives relief to mine, to our days.

prayer of April 24, 2023
Prayer of April 24, 2023 4

The memory of waiting

commentary of Jn 6,22-29, edited byEsther Antonia Cozzolino

“What is happiness for a Bedouin in the desert?”
“A beautiful rain!”
“A beautiful rain?”
“Yes, because it has a very long waiting process, and it is only thanks to this that we are able to appreciate its meaning.”

Happiness project

I enter the text (Jn 6:22-29)

The next day, the crowd, remaining on the other side of the sea, saw that there was only one boat and that Jesus non era salito con i suoi discepoli sulla barca, ma i suoi discepoli erano partiti da soli. Altre barche erano giunte da Tiberìade, vicino al luogo dove avevano mangiato il pane, dopo che il Signore aveva reso grazie.

So when the crowds saw that Jesus was no longer there and neither were his disciples, he got on the boats and headed for Capernaum in search of Jesus. They found him on the other side of the sea and said to him, "Rabbi, when did you come here?" Jesus rispose loro: «In verità, in verità io vi dico: voi mi cercate non perché avete visto dei segni, ma perché avete mangiato di quei pani e vi siete saziati.

Get busy not for food that doesn't last, but for food that lasts for eternal life and that the Son of man will give you. Because about him the Father, Godhas put his seal." So they said to him, “What must we do to do the works of God?».

Jesus he answered them, “This is the work of Godthat you believe in him whom he has sent."

I get inspired

"Where are you?"

How many times in the course of our days do we ask ourselves this question… Especially in moments of great discouragement or in those of great trial. Two simple words that give us the hope of receiving some sign that shows us the way forward. And so we struggle to seek comfort in God, forgetting that its light can only be seen when we have the courage to stop, observe a precise point towards the horizon, closing our eyes and immersing ourselves in the present.

In these moments of contemplation, we are suddenly enveloped in a sense of peace and completeness, because it is in the act of waiting for a sunset after a day that is too hot, a sunrise after a night that is too hard, the rain after days of drought, the sun after the too bad weather, that's when we reconnect to God and its healing power, to embrace our wounds and make them become loopholes, from which to be re-born and re-started.

Esther Antonia Cozzolino

Little prayer
Prayer of April 24, 2023
Prayer of April 24, 2023 2
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