Read and listen to the fairy tale "Aladdin the naughty child"

Little boys and girls: listen very carefully to this fairy tale, which is more of a life lesson!

Your parents will read you this pleasant and instructive fairy tale, while you always listen to the teachings of your own mum and your dad.

Above all, your parents will be able to give you the best possible teachings!

Brat child Aladdin
Brat child Aladdin 4

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Aladdin is achild throwing a tantrum.He is often agitated, protests when mum and dad say “No” to one of his wishes and he starts stamping his feet. She cries, moans, screams and all the neighbors say "Aladdin, stop throwing a tantrum".Aladdin does not stop.

Months go by, even years, andthe naughty child becomes a naughty child. Mom, dad and neighbors say “Aladdin, stop being a brat”.Aladdin does not stop.

Aladdin often does not obey.When he doesn't obey, his mum He says:"
You have to respect the rules, I respect the rules, you respect the rules!”.

Aladdin, then, asks the mum, “Do we all have to respect the rule?”.
“Yes,” she says mumAladdin protests the same.

One day, a strange gentleman arrives in the village of Aladdin
knocking on Aladdin's door. Mom and dad are not there, there is only Aladdin.
“Hello,” says the gentleman, “I'm looking for a naughty boy named Aladdin".
“It's me,” answers Aladdin.

"Well. I want to make you a very lucky man,” says the gentleman.
"I'm not lucky," replies Aladdin.“I am capricious and disobedient”.
“I know,” says the gentleman, “but I want to take you to a place. There is a cave with treasure, will you help me get it?”

Aladdin replies yes. A treasure is a tempting proposition!
So the lord and Aladdin go out together and arrive at the entrance to the cave. “Listen,” says the strange gentleman, “You will have all the treasure if you enter alone andyou will obey everything I tell you".
Aladdin must enter alone!Overcomes his fear of the dark, just to have the treasure…but, once inside, the lord commands:

“Now pass me all the treasure, but stay in the cave. I'll let you out only later!".
Aladdin, however, does not obey and above all does not understand:he wants to get out of the cave immediately and now he no longer trusts this strange gentleman.

“Listen”, says Aladdin, “I am going out of the cave and I am bringing you the treasure”.
“No,” says the gentleman.“Obey, Aladdin!Treasure first, you'll come out of the cave when I tell you to."

The gentleman is actually a bad wizard: he wants to leave the boy alone in the cave, lock him up with a stone and take all the treasure.

Aladdin does not want to obey.
“Sir,” the boy asks. “Why do I have to do as you say? Can you explain this rule to me? Do you respect the village rules?"

“What rule!”, says the gentleman, who is abad wizard and knows nothing about the rules of the village.
“Obey Aladdin, give me the treasure”.

Aladdin, then, understands. That gentleman wants to deceive him: he doesn't speak as the one speaks mum and he doesn't know the rules.With a leap he comes out of the cave, starts running and leaves behind the strange lord and the treasure.

Aladdin runs fast. The magician, out of anger, falls into the cave and never comes out.
Aladdin is delighted to be back home from mum and asks her:"Can you explain the rules to me again?"

Since then, he hasn't thrown a tantrum and is no longer a naughty child.

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Bedtime stories
Brat child Aladdin
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