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What are you looking for?

It is the question that opens the story of the passion, but it was also the question with which the Gospel of John began: who are you looking for?

The story of the passion puts before us some human dynamics in which we can find ourselves. Above all, they are attitudes and reactions of the human heart in moments of difficulty and suffering, in moments of confusion, disappointment and discouragement.

These are the moments in which it is more difficult to perceive the presence of God. That's why, rereading the passion of Jesus, we can ask ourselves where we are, what we are looking for in difficult times, but above all we can find out what Jesus it is for us also and above all in those moments.

Gaetano Piccolo SJ – read the complete meditation here

With our works, with our stories, with our small and humble work of evangelization we are trying to carry our cross with love, with the same love with which the Lord has given us Eugene, and with the same love he allowed us to hold him until his last breath.

The cross of life, which does not necessarily mean a life of suffering and suffering, but a rich and profound life such as the Cross was for Jesusmust always be worn as a garment that adorns us from the day of our baptism, with which we consecrate ourselves to God our Savior, and it will be our eternal dress with which our soul remains bound and close to thelove eternal of the Lord.

portare la propria croce
Prayer of April 7, 2023 5

With dignity, with a smile on our lips and peace in our hearts, we must carry our cross, so that anyone who sees that we are faithful to Christ and, like good faithful friends, we bring together the joys and sorrows that unite us.

Prayer of April 7, 2023
Remigius holds Eugene in the bed – 11 September 2020

FatherI entrust you with mine son. Your son.

Pamper him as I always have.

Stroke him with yours love eternal and always hold him close to you, as I have done for 14 years.

My bitter smile is the dignity with which we lived the saddest and most painful moment a parent can experience.

We walked our via Dolorosa together.

Let's pray together

Little prayer
Little prayer
Prayer of April 7, 2023
Preghierina del 7 aprile 2023 3
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Hi, I'm Remigio Ruberto, father of Eugenio. The love that binds me to Eugenio is timeless and spaceless.
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