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Read and listen Joking March

How many times have we said that March is he crazy? who brings out one every day? which is better to go out with an umbrella?

The poetry di questa sera è la sintesi di tutte le filastrocche che ci sono sul mese di marzo.

Listen to it carefully and have a lot of laughs before sleeping!

Read with me

March, how many jokes
laughing with the wind!
Here it is, and in a moment
the umbrella overturned,
giving us, then
a deluge of drops,
that they don't leave dry
not even the bags.
And to make a joke
bad forgive,
runs in the clouds,
the good sun to call.
Then, caress the branches
almond and peach trees
and, if you pass, it covers you
of fresh flowers,
giving it to the earth
a fabulous carpet.
March, how many jokes,
with your happy wind!

marzo scherzoso
playful rain

Good night

mamma legge la fiaba
Bedtime stories
Playful March

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