Love, how much love

You have been desired with love.

You were born with love.

Your life has been a giving love, and receive.

The sun was shining in your eyes.

Your light radiated from your heart.

Your sympathy was able to thaw the most glacial souls.

Your smile was contagious.

How much love.

How much love.

How much love.

Love photo

You were looking for our gaze, you were looking for ours hands, you were looking for a caress, you were looking for a hug, you were looking for our heart, to be able to dive inside.

And we were there, waiting for your nod.

Yesterday like today, and like tomorrow.

Sun, which will never go out.

Light, which will never darken.

Love, that will never end.

quanto amore
Eugene in the sun on the balcony

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Ciao, sono Remigio Ruberto, papà di Eugenio. L'amore che mi lega a Eugenio è senza tempo e senza spazio.

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