Read and listen to the fable "History of candy to grow up"

This evening we have the pleasure of reading this fairy tale with you, which is actually more of a story to teach us the value of reality and the concreteness of true feelings.

History of the candy to become great
Story of the candy to grow up 4

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One day Alice sneaked into her grandmother's bedroom.

When he was at his grandmother's house, he always played in the hall or in the kitchen. Her grandmother preferred to have Alice always close to her and she said to her: stay here with me, while I cook or knit. Grandma's bedroom, however, had something magical about it.

It was all colored pink and brown and had a perfume different from that of the bedroom of the mum. He had a pearl necklace on the wall and many photographs on the chest of drawers and boxes and boxes of all kinds. Alice opened them all and in a box, the smallest, she found a pink candy.

It smelled good. Alice put it in her mouth and ate it. It was a candy magical: a candy to grow up!

Alice transformed: she grew and grew and grew until she became very tall. Her head reached the ceiling of the room! How strange to be so big! Alice looked at her hands and legs; she turned her head, to the right, to the left, down: how small the objects seemed now!

The baby then began to walk. She immediately tripped and hurt her foot: it was grandma's bed! How could anyone walk in that room now that Alice was so big?

Meanwhile, her grandmother was calling her:
"Alice, Alice, where are you?"
"I'm here, grandma, I'm in the bedroom!" said Alice, but her grown-up girl's voice was different: it had become a big voice that grandma didn't recognize.

“You are not Alice, this is not your voice! You are the magician of candies? Where did you hide my granddaughter?”.
“Grandma, it's me! Come and see, I'm in the room!”.
Grandma ran into the bedroom and saw Alice, who had grown very tall.

“Alice, what have you done?” she said grandmother.
“I ate the pink candy from the box”, said the little girl, embarrassed…”I didn't know it was a candy to grow up! Not that big!"
“My child, that is an enchanted sugar that a sorceress gave me. I had kept it for you, but it was still too early to give it to you”.
“How do we do it now, grandma?”.
“Take this,” said the grandmother, handing Alice a small blue candy.

Alice ate it and transformed again. But something went wrong again because she became very small, almost like an ant.
“Alice, where are you?” asked the grandmother. "I do not see you!".
Very small Alice was very scared. A giant shadow was above her and did not let her see the ceiling. It was her bed! Alice was tiny now: she saw the grains of dust under the bed, the midges flying and her room seemed like a huge city.

He heard the grandmother and replied:
"I'm here grandma!" , but her voice was soft and faint and the grandmother did not hear it. Alice began to cry. The crying of the children is very loud: this time the grandmother heard it.

“My baby,” said the grandmother. Maybe I made a mistake. Now I have to give you another candy to get big, but just the right size.
Grandma rummaged through her boxes and found another magic candy. Bigger than the blue candy, smaller than the pink candy. She gave it to Alice and the little girl ate it.

Slowly… the little girl returned to her initial size.
Grandmother's bedroom, the bed, the photographs and everything else went back to the way they were.

“Grandma,” Alice cried, and Grandma hugged her.
“Next time, ask me when you want to eat something really good,” said the grandmother.

“To grow up, children don't need sweets, they need pasta!” and they all went to the kitchen for lunch.

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Bedtime stories
Bedtime stories
History of the candy to become great
Storia della caramella per diventare grande 2

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