Read and listen to Sam the Chameleon and Morning Whims

Dear mothers, the tale I'm reading to you this evening is dedicated to whims. It's a story about emotions: it's part of those readings for us children which, however, will also be good for you adults. I recommend it, to try to understand how to behave with us, but, above all, to understand how we feel.

Read with me

Sam is a chameleon who always does i whims before going out.

He starts saying no to everything and turns red.

Tantrums are red, you know: it's the color of children who go on a rampage and can't calm down.
“I don't want to go out,” she says mum on Monday morning, before going to kindergarten.
“I don't want to go out,” she says mum on Saturday, before going shopping.
“I don't want to go out,” she says mum, on Sunday, when it's time to go to the grandparents for lunch.

When he throws a tantrum, Sam goes all red.

Mom chameleon, at the beginning, is a set of perfectly mixed colors: a little orange, which means that she is always attentive and vigilant to what happens to her puppy; a little yellow, which indicates when he is happy.

Suddenly a little blue arrives, the enthusiasm:

“Sam, come on, a very big truck is passing by! We have to go out to see it better!.
Sam, however, is always red.

“I don't want to go out and I don't like trucks!”.
“Okay,” she says mum and turns all orange, because she's thinking about how to persuade her chameleon and untie the knot of her tantrums.
“Are we going out to breakfast this morning? From the bakery I smell a good smell…”.

There's a speck of blue in his voice, but it's not very clear.

There's also a vein of red: it's small, but the baby chameleon can see it very well...
Sam is too angry though. Red, fiery red. "I do not have breakfast. I don't want to go out."

“Sam, it's very late now. Your friends are waiting for you at school, they have a new game in mind for this morning! ”, She tries to say the mum, but the smile is gone from his face and his voice is becoming serious.
It's turning red too mum.

Sam the chameleon and morning tantrums

“I DON'T WANT TO GO OUT”! shouts Sam.
“Sam, it's time to go,” she says mum and they are both really red red.

The mum at this point she is really annoyed. She gets up, goes to the bedroom to make the beds and whispers something in the chameleon father's ear. .

Daddy Chameleon approaches Sam.
"Let's play?" she says.
Sam's eyes sparkle. “Let's have a race with toy cars”. Sam and dad get on the carpet to play. “Mine is faster,” Sam says. “Eh but you will see this…”.
“My car has a steering wheel, lights and doors that can be opened!” Sam says happily.
Now he's an all-blue chameleon!
The minutes pass and the mumLuckily, he's still in the room tidying up. Dad whispers something in Sam's ear: “What are you saying, shall we go out now? Let's make a surprise mumShall we put on shoes?”

When the mum Come back, Papa Chameleon and Sam are ready to go out! What color are they? All bright green, the color of calm.
“Dad is always green”, thinks Sam and in the meantime also the mum it calms down again and, from red that it was, it gradually becomes orange, yellow and with a hint of green.
"Mom, we can go out now,” Sam says. He stopped throwing tantrums.

Do you think Sam did well? Let us know your opinions

Good night

Bedtime stories
Bedtime stories
Sam the chameleon and morning tantrums
Sam the chameleon and morning tantrums 2
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