We read and listen to the poem "the life" by Bert Hellinger

Let's read together:

Life disenchants you so that you stop living on illusions and see reality.

Life destroys all that is superfluous until only what is important remains.

Life won't leave you alone so that you stop fighting it and accept what is.

Life takes away what you have, until you stop complaining and start giving thanks.

Life sends you conflicted people to heal you and stop projecting what you have inside.

Life lets you fall over and over until you decide to learn your lesson.

Life leads you astray and presents you with crossroads until you stop wanting to control and flow like a river.

Life puts enemies in your path until you stop "fighting back".

Life scares you as many times as it takes to lose fear and regain faith.

La vita ti toglie il vero love, non te lo concede né te lo permette, fino a che non smetti di volerlo comprare con fronzoli.

Life takes you away from the people you love until you understand that we are not this body but the soul that contains it.

Life laughs at you many times, until you stop taking yourself so seriously and learn to laugh at yourself.

Life shatters you into as many pieces as it takes for light to penetrate from there.

Life repeats the same message to you with slaps and yells until you listen.

Life sends you lightning and storms so that you can wake up.

Life humiliates and defeats you until you decide to let your Ego die.

Life denies you goods and greatness until you stop wanting goods and greatness and start serving.

Life cuts your wings and prunes your roots, until you no longer need wings or roots, but only to disappear into form and fly from the being that you are.

Life denies you miracles until you understand that everything is a miracle.

Life shortens the time for you to learn to live.

Life ridicules you until you become nothing, until you become nobody, so you become everything.

Life doesn't give you what you want, but what you need to evolve.

Life hurts you, hurts you, torments you, until you let go of your whims and enjoy breathing.

Life hides treasures from you until you start your journey and go out looking for them.

La vita ti nega God, fino a che non lo vedi in tutti e in tutto.

La vita ti chiede, ti toglie, ti taglia, ti spezza, ti delude, ti rompe … fino a che in te rimanga solo love.

Bert Hellinger

The tree of life (work by Gustav Klimt): life
The Tree of Life (by Gustav Klimt)

Let's listen together:

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Bedtime stories
The life
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