Read and listen to the story: “The Zebra Children”

Hello lads!

This evening I'll read the story to you, Remigio.

As a child I did it with Eugene and Francesca, now that they are older and one is in heaven and the other is in sixth grade, they read them for you and I for everyone.

Read the story:

Agostino was a child who attended elementary school and, according to his teacher, was particularly lucky.
In fact, his teacher had classified him as a zebra child, a term coined by the psychologist Jeanne Siaud-Facchin to indicate children who have in common with zebras the ability to merge with the surrounding environment, possessing an intellectual quotient above average.

Furthermore, these children were endowed with a profound sensitivity and extraordinary listening and interaction skills.
Agostino loved listening, at the end of the day, to his grandmother Ester who, among fantastic stories, legends and lives of saints, stimulated her grandson's intelligence.
The child benefited greatly from these stories, managing to integrate them into his school career as well.
After a few years, one evening, his grandmother told him that his repertoire was about to run out, also due to memory gaps due to age.

She advised Agostino to suggest narrative passages to her, even if they were invented, during the pauses.
His stories may not have been more precise but, to brighten the evening hours, they could have coined their own.
They decided that these new stories would be called "Belorie Stories", since they were similar to true.
She urged her nephew to remember all the stories she told him because these could have been of use to him in life.
He also suggested that he transcribe them, in a grammatically correct way, in a notebook, so that they could in turn be told in the future, all having a moral.

The grandmother hoped that her grandson would become an actor and have the "sacred fire" of acting.
Several years passed, in which Agostino brilliantly continued his studies and, having graduated, dedicated the thesis, achieved with honors, to his grandmother.
Back home, full of gratitude, he brought her the academic kiss he received after discussing his thesis on zebra children, highlighting that they often have fantastic grandparents in common who tell them beautiful stories with morals.

Listen to the story:

Bedtime stories
Bedtime stories
Zebra babies
The Zebra Babies 1

source © story by Dino De Lucchi

Zebra babies
Zebra babies 4

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