Sink your soul into the wonderful poem "Live" by Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin: Live

Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, known as Charlie (London, 16 April 1889 - Corsier-sur-Vevey, 25 December 1977), wasa British actor, comedian, director, screenwriter, composer and film producer, authorofover ninety filmsisamong the most important and influential filmmakers of the 20th century. View more

Let's read together:

I forgave almost unforgivable mistakes.
I tried to replace irreplaceable people
and to forget unforgettable people.

I acted on impulse.
I was let down by some people,
but even I have disappointed some.
I hugged to protect.

I laughed when it couldn't be done.
I made friends for eternity.
I have loved and been loved, but I have also been rejected.

I was loved and I didn't know how to reciprocate.
I screamed and jumped for joy.
I lived fromlove and made eternal oaths,
but I also broke many.

I cried listening to music and looking at photographs.
I called just to hear a voice.
I fell in love for a smile.

I thought I might die of nostalgia and…
I was scared of losing someone special
and I ended up losing it.

But I survived!
I am still alive!
I don't get tired of life!

And you don't have to get tired of it either... Live!

Fighting with determination is good,
embrace life and live with passion.

Losing with class and winning with audacity,
because the world belongs to those who dare
and the life she is too beautiful to be insignificant.

Let's listen together:

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