Read and pray with the Via Crucis 2023

Dear friends, we have reached the first appointments of this one Lent 2023. One of the most important and traditional is that of the Via Crucis on Friday (and in many parishes also on Sunday).

These forty days are used to "to remind us that the world should not be confined within the narrow confines of our personal needs”, “to laugh at God the primacy of life” not only the “time clippings", For "curb the dictatorship of agendas always full of things to do, the demands of an increasingly superficial and cumbersome ego, and choose what matters".

These are the words that the Saint Father, Pope francesco, he entrusted to the faithful gathered in prayer on Ash Wednesday, at the Basilica of Santa Sabina on the Aventine.

Via Crucis 2023
Way of the cross

With these words, and with all our human misery, let us commit ourselves to living this precious time in constant contact with Jesus, so that with our prayers we succeed in obtaining the deserved peace for all peoples at war, and for all tumultuous souls.

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This version of the Via Crucis is for community prayer; it is clear that each of us can also use it in a simpler way, in the tranquility of our own home.

Indeed, it offers us an opportunity to pray Jesus and to reflect on our life.


Gentleman Jesus, as during your passion you met and looked at many people, look at us too today, Lord, and enlighten our gaze so that we can see and know our deepest feelings.

Help us to recognize along our journey the superficial, the indifferent, the traitors, the inconsistent, the cowards, the generous, the suffering, the sinners (like us), the sons missing;

Grant that in each of them we recognize Your Holy Face and make us worthy, by Your Cross and Your Mercy, to encounter the Father and of Eternal Life.

Happy Lenten Walk

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