The journey, last

We held him close to our hearts for a while longer.

Our hearts have spoken, our senses have bonded for eternity, I have inhaled its smell to keep it in the most intimate corner of my heart, I have admired it so that its image remains imprinted in the most active part of my brain now overshadowed by pain and suffering. Even if I lose my mind I always want to carry it in my heart and in my memories.

Eugene in his white coffin: the journey
Eugenio nella sua bara bianca

Tutto era uno sfoggio di colore: dai fiori arrivati da Roma, dalle megliette, dai peluches.

We dressed you just the way you like it: white shirt, the nice one you liked so much; denim overalls, which we have navigated far and wide on the web to find it; your white Nike Air1 with custom fluo laces; blue NBA socks; Calvin Klein boxers.

You were all dressed up, just the way you liked it: elegant, not branded but elegant, practical, comfortable. Oh yes, you'll have to be comfortable, because in Paradise we play a lot and have fun!

Eugenio in the coffin and San Pio
Eugenio in the coffin and San Pio

Pampered by your stuffed animals, from the official outfit you always used from CSI Caiazzo, from the official shirts of Virtus Rome basketball, the number 30 shirt of Stephen Curry of Golden State Warriors, an official Juventus shirt, the number 23 tank top by LeBron James of Los Angeles Lakers, the number 34 tank top by Giannis Antetokounmpo of Milwaukee Bucks. All with you.

Eugene in the coffin
Eugene in the coffin

Alle ore 15 di domenica 18 ottobre 2020, Eugenio ha ricevuto l’ultimo saluto dei suoi familiari, dei suoi amici e amiche di scuola, dei suoi più fedeli amici ed amiche di mille avventure, di tutto il paese di Dragoni (CE) e di tutto il mondo che ha imparato ad amarlo via web, ed ha ricevuto la benedizione dal parroco don Dahuid Ortega per iniziare il suo viaggio verso il Paradiso.

Taken from the homily of 10/18/2020 by don Dahuid Ortega

Oggi, condividiamo la nostra tristezza, il nostro sentimento di perdita. È il momento di poche parole,  di silenzio, e di un qualcosa che appartiene a noi cristiani, la preghiera, che Eugenio ha fatto sempre nella sua vita, ne sono testimone perché l’ho visto nascere e crescere in mezzo a noi, ha imparato a pregare e ha continuato a farlo fino all’ultimo momento in cui era consapevole.
Questa è una delle grandi eredità che ci lascia.

When I went to see him, I always told him this: “You are teaching us a lot, before I was your educator in the parish, but now you are educating me, because you are courageously facing your illness. I have often told you that you are a warrior because although you are a boy you have not only bowed to pain".

We must carry this within us, we must keep this, his struggle to live, to continue living, despite the ups and downs of the disease.

Eugenio ha vissuto con noi in parrocchia, ed è stato un “grande” soprattutto nel percorso del  laboratorio emotivo. Ci ha dato tanta speranza a me personalmente, come a tutti i ragazzi. Ha cominciato a fare teatro con noi ed eravamo contenti, tra noi animatori e catechisti abbiamo detto adesso abbiamo un “leader”, un esempio che coinvolge i suoi amici e vive la sua fede.

I share with you the words he said to me the last time I heard his voice after my question: how are you and what are you feeling? She replied: “I am sad…., Because I realize that nothing can be done with my illness”. Certainly one is displaced by her awareness that one day it will no longer be possible to continue living.

I only share this because it's not the time to talk so much, but it's a moment of personal, family and community reflection.

Today we had to experience two strong moments, we cry for joy and we cry for sadness and pain and now a journey awaits us, we are aware that this too is part of life.

Vi ho raccontato queste parole di Eugenio perché me le ha dette con serenità e non con disperazione.

Diciamo grazie ad Eugenio, e da oggi in poi ci metteremo a lavorare su tutta questa esperienza che ci lascia, ci metteremo a condividere per poter crescere sempre in umanità e nella fede cristiana. Eugenio ci è mancato tanto quest’anno specialmente nel Laboratorio Colorando Emozioni dove si educa alle emozioni e ai sentimenti. Abbiamo condiviso tanto, lui con noi e noi con lui.

We Christians must ensure that all the people who leave us never disappear from our lives and from the community, and we can do this when we continue to share what they have shared with us, this is our strength.

Tutti i nostri sentimenti di quest’anno, di questi giorni, mettiamoli qua sull’altare che è la Mensa del Signore. Il Pane che condividiamo è pane di vita eterna per noi qui e per coloro che ci hanno lasciato, questa è la bellezza della fede cristiana.

Per noi Eugenio continuerà a vivere in mezzo a noi, alla sua famiglia e alla sua comunità.

Praised be Jesus Christ.

Everyone took photos and videos, so that this was a touching moment where we were all united in your name and with one purpose: to love and spread love.

the CSI flag envelops Eugenio's coffin
the CSI flag envelops Eugenio's coffin
YouTube videos
YouTube videos
YouTube videos

As you left the church, many saw a fantastic rainbow near the cemetery and the church itself.

arcobaleno al funerale di Eugenio
The journey 6
The journey 10

We all arrived at the cemetery together, where we placed you at your new home.

my nephew Alessandro hugs me lovingly

We stayed together, for a while longer.

Then we had to say goodbye, with regret, with pain.

But we left with joy in our hearts, the same joy in your heart.

Knowing you joyful, happy, blessed among your angel friends gave us satisfaction, gave us fullness, gave us joy, that the after is better than the before.

Our joy is Risen Christ, and we glorify the Father through the Son and his angels, including you.

My angel, our angel.

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