With sadness I think of the stopped time


I've lost count of how long it's been since October 17, 2020.

All I know is that on October 17, 2020 my time stopped.

Stopping time is not as beautiful as it may seem to those who are afraid of time.

Stopping time is staying in the balance, not going forward or backward.

It is running out of air, without the oxygen that is the Spirit.


Last night I was talking friendly with God, and I asked him: “because?"

And he replies: "for what?"

"Why should a boy, a teenager who has begun to bite into life fly away from the earth and all the new experiences that await him?"

And he replies, with his calm and loving tone: "allow me the privilege of giving prizes only to some, to the best. To Eugene I have granted the privilege of avoiding the whole process on earth, I have already seen in him that concept of holiness of the soul which I so much approve of and which I would so much like to be your daily life on earth. But there are still few who hear my message".

Tears streamed down my face as I listened to him, and approved of his saying.


Thinking back to an article written byInfant Jesus hospital, who we know well, about gliomas and the possibility of survival up to 24 months after the discovery of the disease, I shuddered at the word itself "survival".

What an atrocious word, what a cold and ruthless word. But the fact that Eugene, with its slide containing celebrating tissue, may have helped the research, consoles me and gives peace to my tortured soul.


I return with my gaze to the crucifix, and return to the questions: "God, why survive, and not live?"

Merciful and just, he replies: “You certainly don't have to ask me this. Go to the origin of the disease, of the diseases, and you will understand why you survive. Survive all the times you don't love; survive all the times you don't donate; survive all the times you curse; survive all the times you hate. Living means sharing; to live means to bless; to live is to love. "


I listen to the Gospel and I recognize in it the medicine of my heart.

Hello Eugene, arrivederci a presto.

tempo fermo
Eugene laugh out loud with Remigio – 21 April 2020

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Ciao, sono Remigio Ruberto, papà di Eugenio. L'amore che mi lega a Eugenio è senza tempo e senza spazio.
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    Toccano il profondo del mio cuore queste parole …un abbraccio forte forte a te Remigio, a Giuseppina e Francesca..alle nonne…ad Eugenio il mio più grande ed affettuoso bacio…siete sempre nel mio cuore ❤️

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