Read and listen to the poem “This is the view from my window” by Emily Dickinson

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This evening I will read you a new poem entitled "This is the view from my window" from the site

This is the view from my window
This is the view from my window

Let's read together:

This is the view from my window:
A sea on a stem.
If birds and peasants judge him a pine tree,
That's enough for them.
It has no «port» nor «line», but jays
they stop you on the celestial route
And from there the squirrel gets better
to the dizzying peninsula.

His basin: the earth is below,
on the other side the sun.
His commerce, if commerce exists,
it is of spices, I can smell it from the perfumes.

Of his voice, if the wind invades it,
what will i say? How could a mute
define the divine?
Definition of the melody
is that it has no definition.

It prompts faith, it prompts sight,
e quando questa ormai non sarà più,
io penserò di avere già incontrato

Era il pino alla mia finestra un membro
del regale Infinito?
L’intuizione è una visita di Dio
e per tale dev’essere venerata.

Did you like it?

Goodnight from your little sisterFrancesca e dal nostro angioletto custode Eugene.

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This is the view from my window
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