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Read and listen to the fairy tale "The Woman and the Piglet"

Let's read together this fairy tale with a fantastic appearance but with a contemporary morality

Let's read together

One day a man was walking down a country lane when he came across a woman weeping desperately on the steps of a fountain. "What happens? What troubles you so much?” the man asked softly.

“My little pig. He's sick!" she exclaimed, crying again.
“And where is this little pig?” he asked.
"Inside the house." she answered through tears.

“And why is she out here talking to me instead of in trying to heal him?” the man asked.
"But I'm not capable, I take care of people not animals!" she sobbed.
“Did you at least try to see if there was anything you could do for him?” the man asked again.

The woman blushed, “I had fear. I thought if I even tried to help him he wouldn't get well."
"Well, being alone certainly doesn't heal, let's go see if we can help him a bit, okay?" the man said helping her to get up.

The piglet was lying on its side on the ground, its swollen belly rising and falling rapidly, sweat beading its forehead. “If he were a person, how would he act?” the man asked.

“I would try to lower the temperature…and then figure out what's wrong.” the woman answered, regaining lucidity. She began to wrap the piglet, who looked at her with grateful eyes. It took them several hours, but finally they found out what that little pig had, or should I say “piggy” as on the floor now besides her were three other little pigs scampering around looking for milk.

"Thank you.” said the woman “Without her I would have left her die. "

"Duty.” replied the man smiling "But remember, next time don't give up on a fight you haven't even started, because that's the only sure way to fail."

la donna e il maialino
The woman and the piglet 3

Let's listen together

mamma legge la fiaba
Bedtime stories
The woman and the piglet

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