War is harsh: hope, love, faith.

Il maligno continua ad espandersi, conquista nuovi territori, viaggia fiero verso nuovi orizzonti. Nel corpo di Eugenio.

But he still doesn't quite understand that in front of him he has a tough army to defeat, a host of doctors angry against all the forms of malignancy expressed by it.

He has an endless list of friends who, weapons to the teeth, are ready to devour him if he takes another step in the body of his beloved friend Eugenio.

Then there is an entire generation of relatives, close and not close, who for the love of their Eugenio are ready to face him head on, in order to defeat him in all its shapes and sizes.

At 7 pm we meet Dr. Cacchione and her colleague Giacomina Megaro, fresh replacement for Dr. Paiano.

He explains to us with sweetness and precision that the disease is continuing its course, but thebaby jesus hospital does not leave her prodigious Eugenio alone, and that she went out of her way to buy this hyper-expensive drug, still anonymous and not approved by theAIFA, ma che già ha ottenuto qualche buon risultato.

The drug is based on the molecule Regorafenib, and the trade name is Stivarga, developed by Bayer

He explained to us in detail the possible but negligible contraindications with respect to the progression of the malignant disease.

The pack of 84 pills costs 3630 euros, but thanks to the goodness of the Holy See it will cost us nothing.

Eugenio will have to take 4 pills a day, at the same time, for 21 days.

Ogni settimana faremo le analisi comodamente a casa e le invieremo al team che segue Eugenio via email.

We will be back here in Rome in about a month.

The department and its team has already scheduled our resignation for tomorrow morning, Sunday 12 July.

Con l’ausilio della splendida infermiera di turno, ha allertato la portineria che mi permetterà l’accesso col camper, e l’uscita di Eugenio in sedia a rotelle, per non stancarlo.

Eugene thumbs up OPBG: The war is bitter
Eugene thumbs up OPBG

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Hi, I'm Remigio Ruberto, father of Eugenio. The love that binds me to Eugenio is timeless and spaceless.
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    Fabio Greco

    Io ci sono. Sempre ogni giorno. Vi seguo da quando Eugenio è apparso sul parquet del Palamaggiò per coronare il suo sogno e salutare i beniamini della sua squadra del cuore. Se avete bisogno di me io ci sono sempre. Non molleremo mai!!!

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