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The vain razor
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Un giorno il rasoio uscì dal suo manico e si mise a prendere il SoleVedendo il Sole che si specchiava sul metallo lucido, il rasoio si riempì d’orgoglio e disse: “Come sono bello: perfino il Sole si specchia su di me. Eppure devo faticare ogni giorno; sono proprio stufo di tagliare barbe.

Anzi, sapete cosa faccio? Me ne vado. E non tornerò più alla bottega del barbiere. Mi nasconderò e mi godrò in pace la mia bella vita”.
The razor fled away from the shop and hid in a cave, so as not to be found by the barber. He stayed there for a few months, then he came out of the cave and put himself in the sun but this was no longer reflected on his blade: the razor had lost its blade and was covered in rust from top to bottom.

Desperate, he lamented, “Ah, if only I'd stayed at the barbershop. I should have kept trimming beards, so I would stay sharp and shiny; now I'm just an old iron to throw away".
This is what happens to those who stop studying and exercising and give themselves to having fun: their mind, like iron, loses its edge and shine and is covered with the rust of ignorance.

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinciofser Piero(Anchiano,April 15 1452-Amboise,May 2 1519) was onescientist,inventorisartist Italian.

A man of genius and universal talent of theRenaissance, considerato uno dei più great genesof humanity, he fully embodied the spirit of his era, bringing it to the greatest forms of expression in the most disparate fields of art and knowledge: in fact he wasscientist,philosopher,architect,painter,sculptor,designer,treatise writer,set designer,mathematical,anatomist,botanist,musician,engineerisdesigner. Keep reading…

The vain razor
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The vain razor
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