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"The Smile" is a poem by William Blake contained in the collection "The Pickering Manuscript".

William Blake (London,November 28, 1757– London, August 121827)has beenan English poet, painter and engraver.Blake's work, largely underestimated in his lifetime, was later regarded as extremely significant and inspirational in both poetry and the arts…View more

close-up Eugene laughs in the kitchen: William Blake's smile
primo piano Eugene ride in cucina – 12 gennaio 2020

Let's read together:

C’è un sorriso d’love,
and there is a smile of seduction,
a smile there are smiles
where those two smiles meet.
There is a frown of hatred
and there is a frown of disdain,
and a frown there is frowns
which you try in vain to forget,
For deep in the depths of the heart it penetrates,
and sinks into the marrow of the bones-
and no smile was ever smiled,
but only that smile alone,
smile that from the cradle to the grave
you can smile only once;
when it's smile
all misery ends.

Listen to the poem:

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Bedtime stories
The smile
The smile 2
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