Read and listen to the fairy tale "the play bench"

Have you guys ever happened to get too attached to something or someone?

For little Margherita yes, but then she discovered that the new bench was even more beautiful.

The play bench
The toy bench 4

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Margherita pizzahad onemagic chest. She was in the bedroom, near the doll's room, the bed, the wardrobe and the shelves with the soft toys. Thisbench to hold toysit had been made by a fairy; Margherita, however, did not know it.

One day mum and papa told Margherita that they had to move house. Furniture, toys and clothes had ended up in boxes and a big truck was going to take them to the new house.

Margherita didn't want to go to the new house.
She liked the old house so much, which she knew well: she knew where her toys were, where the mum he put the breakfast biscuits and where he hid the chocolate.
During the move, while the mum was preparing the boxes, Margherita whimpered:
"I don't want to go to the new house!"

Mom she tried to console the little girl, telling her that everything that ended up in the boxes, including the games, would be transported to the new house and that nothing would be lost.

One thing, however, had to remain in the old house. Therewooden toy benchit was fixed to the wall: it just couldn't be transported and had to be left there.

“I want my chest!”,Margaret said.
"We really can't, Margherita," she replied mum,
“Your bedroom in the new house will be more beautiful than this one”.

The girl could not resign herself. While the mum she was busy closing other boxes, the toy bench, which was magical, spoke.
"Ssh, dear child," she whispered,
"Don't worry, because in every house where there is a child, there is a chest".

"Mom he says I have to leave you here!”, said Margherita crying.

“Listen,” said the bench,“You will see that you and I will meet again. Trust me, take out all the toys and leave only one. If you have faith, you will find it again!.

Margherita hadn't understood very well the subject of the toy bench.
The tone, however, was convincing and so the little girl emptied the chest of all the bulkier toys, and left, at the bottom, only a puppet, which she used a lot when she was younger.
Moving day came and all the furniture and boxes were moved into the new house.

Margherita's bedroom was the first to be ready: the furniture was quickly assembled, the bed, the wardrobe and the chests of drawers for the little girl's clothes.

Margherita looked around suspiciously, because she was still convinced that the old house was the best.
Suddenly, however, he realized that, between the wardrobe and the desk, there was achest.
Slowly, Margherita approached.Eh, yes, the toy bench was very similar to the one in the other house. It had, however, a different design carved into the wood and was a little larger.

The toy benches are all brothers and sisters and are all made by the fairies: however, Margherita did not yet know this.

“Hello, Margherita,” said the bench.
“I am the sister of the chest you left in the old house.Have you noticed that I'm a little older? You've grown up now, you'll need more space to play”.

The little girl was a little surprised. Were the two benches really sisters?
However, he remembered very well the puppet he had left on the old bench.

With a little fear, he opened the new chest: it was very large, and almost completely empty, butafter all…there was the puppet from when she was little!The puppet he had left in the old house!

The play bench had kept its promise.

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Bedtime stories
The play bench
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