Read and listen with me "The Owl"

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This evening I will read you a new nursery rhyme published by Serena Riffaldi from the site

The owl
The owl 4

Happy listening!

Bedtime stories
Bedtime stories
The owl
The owl 2

Read with me:

The owl is really fed up
the night to watch
on whom then conjuring
goes to say "Don't owl!"

In the moonlight
people then challenge
and it will bring good luck
who trusts him.

Read what Wikipedia says about it:

Theeared owl(Asio otus(Linnaeus, 1758)) is a birdbird of preybelonging to the family ofStrigidi. Widespread inNorth America, InEuropeand inAsia, lives mainly in woodlands and coniferous forests.


The long-eared owl is characterized by typical tufts on theears, simpleplumagewhich do not affect the functioning of theauditory system, however very fine. It is an exclusively nocturnal animal; hunts a wide variety of small animals, such asmice, shrews (Sorex araneus), moles (European mole),squirrels,bats,rats,birdsisinsects. During the day it sleeps in tree holes or old ruins, perfectlycamouflagedfrom the plumage.

Its dimensions vary between 35 and 40 cm in length, with awingspanof 90-100 cm.

The owl cannot move its eyes, on the other hand it manages to rotate its head 270°.


It nests between March and May, depending on the area; when there is enough food it can make twobroods. The female lays 3 to 10 eggs, the average being 4 or 5 per clutch, in the nest of another species or in that of a squirrel. If she does not find such nests, she lays her eggs on the ground, under a tree or shrub. She hatches the eggs for 26-28 days; in this period and until after hatching, the female is fed by the male. The chicks leave the nest after 3-4 weeks.

It is the only nocturnal raptor which in winter aggregates in roosts, selecting perches on trees, often also in urban areas. From December to February, long-eared owls spend their days in the same tree from which they then fly off in the evening to go hunting.

The long-eared owl individuals present in a dormitory are native to the surrounding area but a part of these also comes from wintering subjects who also come from other countries. At the beginning of spring they disperse, leaving the roost, to mate and nest. The best system to census the wintering long-eared owls consists precisely in finding a dormitory and counting the animals present.

The owls hover on the same branch throughout the winter and often remain faithful to the same roost over the years. The probable meaning of this social behavior could be mutual protection but also the exchange of information on trophic availability, i.e. the places where it is necessary to go hunting.

The cry is a loud enough cry, similar to other birds of its owngendertaxonomic.

Some northern populationsmigrateduring the winter to the south (Mexico,Egypt,India) returning to their usual range the following spring.

Fortune explained by

The owl alsoit bodes well for students, as in ancient Greece it was considered a bird sacred to the goddess Athena, the goddess of wisdom and patroness of the city of Athens.

This nocturnal bird of prey is unjustly considered the bringer of misfortune, of mourning and ruins for the mournful verse. According to tradition, seeing an owl or hearing its song brings bad luck and is an omen of death. When the owl knocks against the window glass, it is a sign that misfortune will soon strike that house.

Did you like tonight's description and nursery rhyme?

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And if you liked it, I'll wait for you tomorrow too!

Goodnight from your little sister Francesca and from our little angel Eugene.

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