Read and listen to the fable: "The Legend of the Grape"

Dear friends, tonight I will read you the bedtime story ♥

Tonight's is a very very beautiful fairy tale, even if it is short. The protagonists are a seasonal fruit: grapes! I am very fond of it.

The title of the story is The legend of the grape, from the portal

The Legend of the Grape
The Legend of the Grape 4

Let's read together:

Many years ago the vine did not produce bunches of grapes. It was an ornamental plant, like many others.

In the center of a small vegetable garden, a beautiful vine grew, full of branches and leaves. This magnificent plant received plenty of sunlight and benefited greatly from it. The branches of the vine stretched more and more over the seedlings of the little garden and covered them with their shade. The greengrocer was worried:-"Even the seedlings need the sun" - he said to himself - "I need to prune the vine".

Thus, on a gray and cloudy day, the greengrocer energetically cut off the longer branches of the beautiful ornamental plant and removed the larger leaves from the other branches.

The vine wept and suffered for it. When evening fell, a nightingale gently landed on a branch of the vine and began to sing to comfort her. The singing was so sweet that the plant felt a sensation of well-being. Her tears soaked in sweetness and remained there, on the branches, like little pearls.

The night slowly faded away.

As day broke, the sun enveloped life with its soft and warm branches. Then, as if by magic, the plant felt a new sap flowing through it. Her tears, as beautiful as pearls, began to transform into small fruits: the first grapes.

A playful breeze passed rapidly through the branches of the vine and gathered the grapes into clusters, more or less large. The sun gradually ripened them.

Did you like it?

Bene, ora vi auguro la buonanotte e vi rinnovo l’appuntamento per domani sera con una nuova e splendida favoletta.

A big kiss to all from your big sister Francesca

Bedtime stories
Bedtime stories
The Legend of the Grape
The Legend of the Grape 2
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