Let's read and listen to the fable "The Legend of King Carnival"

We are approaching the most playful, funniest and most bizarre time of the year: carnival.

But do you know the story of King Carnival well? No? So let's read this story together.

Let's read together:

According to legend, Carnevale was a king, strong and powerful, but above all generous.
The doors of his palace were always open and anyone could enter the kitchens of the palace, stocked with delicious foods, and be satisfied at will.

But the subjects, instead of rejoicing in having such a generous sovereign, took advantage of his good heart and little by little gained so much confidence, as to force the poor king never to leave his palace so as not to be made the object of mockery and insults.

He then withdrew to the kitchen and remained hidden there, eating and drinking continuously.
But one bad day, it was Saturday, after eating more than usual, he began to feel ill.
Fat as a balloon, with a red face and a swollen belly, he understood that he was about to die; his greed had ruined him.

All in all he was happy for the cheerful life he had led, but he didn't want to leave like this, alone, abandoned by everyone, just him, the powerful Carnival King.
He then remembered that he had a sister, a frail, slender and somewhat delicate little woman named Lent, whom he had kicked out of court one day.

He sent for her and she, generous, ran over; she promised to assist him and make him live another three days, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, but in exchange she claimed to be the heir of the kingdom.

King Carnevale accepted and spent the last three days of his life enjoying himself as much as possible.
He died on Tuesday evening and on the throne, as they had previously established, Lent ascended.

To revive the economy of the kingdom, hard work and large penance were the characteristics of his government.

the legend of King Carnival
The Legend of Carnival King 4

Let's listen together:

Bedtime stories
Bedtime stories
The legend of King Carnival
The Legend of Carnival King 2
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