Let's read and listen to Gianni Rodari's nursery rhyme "The head of the nail".

Always pertinent, always cheerful, never scurrilous: Gianni Rodari's short but significant nursery rhymes help us reflect and stimulate critical thinking.

Gianni Rodari

Giovanni Francesco Rodari, known as Gianni (pronounced /roˈdari/; Omegna, 23 October 1920 - Rome, 14 April 1980), was oneItalian writer, educator, journalist and poet, specialized inchildren's literature and translated into many languages. The only Italian writer to have won the prestigious

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Let's read together

The palm of the hand
dates does not,
on the sole of the foot
who will climb?

The table does not wear shoes,
on four feet stands:
the train does not wag its tail
but the tail has it.

Even the nail has a head,
but he doesn't think about it:
the same thing happens
to more than one person.

the head of the nail
The head of the nail 5

Let's listen together

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The head of the nail
The head of the nail 3
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