Read and listen to the short story "The gluttonous penguin"

Ciao amiche ed amici di Eugene.

Today I read to you the short fairy tale "The gluttonous penguin" taken from

The gluttonous penguin
The gluttonous penguin 4

Let's read together:

Once upon a time, there was a penguin who only thought about eating. He spent all his time fishing and eating his catch.

He didn't even look at the other penguins who spent a good part of the day playing and strolling on the island where they lived; none of this interested him at all because he preferred to spend his time satisfying his immense appetite.

His parents often scolded him:
- But really - his mother said - why don't you go every now and then with your friends?
"No, mother, I'm too busy fishing," he would reply.
- My son, in life, there is a time for everything - his mother replied.
- Don't worry, mom, I know what I'm doing - replied the penguin.
Since it was impossible to reason with him, his parents said nothing more.

On a beautiful spring afternoon, our penguin met a group of friends who were doing stunts. What wonderful leaps! How nimble they were!

They were all very good and our penguin, admiring the beauty of their exercises, decided to participate in their games, forgetting that he was too fat… Everyone laughed at him!
The poor penguin, ridiculed and despised by all, moved to the most remote part of the island and remained there for several days without eating.

When she got home, she was back to her normal weight. She had received a good lesson! She stopped overeating and decided to become and be a penguin like the others.

Let's listen together:

Bedtime stories
Bedtime stories
The gluttonous penguin
The gluttonous penguin 2

Good night and sweet dreams ♥

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