Read and listen to the nursery rhyme "The little wolf's garden"

Ben ritrovate amiche ed amici di Eugene.

This evening I will read you the new nursery rhyme entitled " The little wolf's garden” which I read with great affection to my best friend Benedetta. ❤️😘

Read the nursery rhyme:

Every day there is the little wolf,
grabbed his cap,
goes to work in his garden
as soon as the sun came up.

Here say hello to vegetables,
the soft ones, the hard ones,
gives them water if they are thirsty,
and speaks to us – do you believe it?

Sometimes he says to pumpkins and spinach:
"When were you born?"
“In the cold we came out,
together with cardoons and cauliflowers!”

vegetable garden of the little winter wolf

Voices are raised from other sides:
“They were born in the spring
the most beautiful vegetables:
Asparagus Artichokes and Radishes!”

the little wolf's garden

But it is in the summer that we find under the sun
aubergines, zucchini, cucumbers
and again: tomatoes and green beans,
a thousand little ones are born in the garden!

the garden of the little wolf summer

The little wolf has a lot to do,
between pruning, watering, hoeing:
with great commitment he takes care,
of all its vegetables.

And remember that a nice plate of vegetables
it takes away all fear!

Let's listen together:

Bedtime stories
Bedtime stories
The little wolf's garden
The little wolf's garden 4

Did you like it?

Goodnight from yours little sister Frances and from ours little angel Eugene.

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Hi, I'm Francesca Ruberto, sister of Eugenio Ruberto. I was born in Capua (CE) on November 11, 2011

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