read and listen to “The fish in the woods”

Hello to all of you dear friends of mine and of Eugene!

This evening we begin a new fairy tale, always taken from the site

It tells of fish, gold coins and donut trees. Did I intrigue you? you just have to listen to what I will tell you.

the fish in the woods
The fish in the woods 4

Happy listening!

Bedtime stories
Bedtime stories
The fish in the woods
The fish in the woods 2


Once upon a time there was a farmer who worked for the lord of castle.
One day returning from the wood where he had taken some wood for the fireplace, he found a bag on the path, he opened it and inside he found some gold coins.
He immediately ran home to his wife to show her the coins, there weren't many but they wouldn't have any more problems with them for quite a while.

- We must hide them - said the farmer - if the lord of the castle finds out about it he will certainly say that they are his and will take them away from us.
- Yes yes - replied his wife - let's hide them under the bed!
And so they did, hiding the coins under the bed.
The farmer's wife was no longer in her senses with happiness, and the farmer remembered that with all this enthusiasm she could have escaped, with some of her friends, what had happened.
Exactly as the farmer had guessed, the same day his wife told her friends about the luck they were having, thanks also to some gold coins found by chance…

The farmer understood that he had to invent something to avoid getting the coins. As soon as the woman left the house to go to the well to get some water, the farmer at once took the coins and hid them in the attic, and when her wife returned he exclaimed:
– Tomorrow we go fishing in the woods!
– But in the woods there isn't even a stream... – replied the woman.
– Trust me, tomorrow we will find a lot of fish in the woods.

His wife looked at him strangely, but she trusted and didn't add anything.
The next day the farmer got up very early without waking his wife, and went to the market to buy some fish and donuts. Then he ran into the woods and left the fish on the ground a little there and a little there, and hung the donuts from a tree.

He managed to get home just in time before his wife woke up.
After breakfast the farmer took his wife and carried her into the woods, and immediately they found a fish on the ground.
– But here is a fish! – exclaimed the woman – and here another!
- What did I tell you? It's a great time to hunt fish in the woods! replied the farmer.
– And look here my husband, a tree full of donuts.

How do you like this story? If you're curious to know how it will end, don't miss an appointment with me tomorrow night too. I wait for you. ♥

Goodnight from your little sisterFrancesand from our little angelEugene.


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