Testimony of Luana Valentino: the first Christmas without you

The first Christmas without you
it's like the first ray of sunshine

that wants to appear in a dark and stormy sky,
scuro e triste come il cuore di mum e papà,

even if they know that you are happy and serene
but the pain is too strong
mentre Francesca vuole addobbare l’albero, perché i bambini e i ragazzi affrontano il dolore in modo diverso per fortuna.

This year in every house of your friends there will be a tree,
A tree in your honor because you love Christmas, the lights, the festive atmosphere
but to your house the earthly one for this year
There will not be

because the first Christmas without you
it is like a stormy sea
and a small boat that slowly tries to get to the shore,
and when that little boat comes ashore
the tree will also return to your house

and you will be even happier
because Christmas is a celebration and every celebration must be honored ……

A Pina, Remigio, Francesca e nonna Tetta. Con tanto tanto affetto sincero e nostalgico 💙

The first Christmas without you
ball of Christmas with the fantastic 4


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