Read and listen to the poem "The Face of Peace" by Paul Éluard

Paul Éluard, pseudonym of Eugène Émile Paul Grindel (Saint-Denis, December 14, 1895 - Charenton-le-Pont, November 18, 1952), wasa french poet,one of the leading exponents of the surrealist movement.View more

the face of peace by Paul Éluard
The face of peace 4

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I know all the places where the dove lives
e il più naturale è la testa dell’uomo.

L’amore della giustizia e della freedom
ha prodotto un fruit meraviglioso.
A fruit that does not rot
perché ha il sapore della happiness.

Che la land produca, che la terra fiorisca
che la carne e il sangue viventi
are never sacrificed.
Che il volto human conosca
the utility of beauty
under the wing of reflection.
Bread for everyone, roses for everyone.

We all swore it.
We march in leaps and bounds.
And the road isn't that long after all.
Fuggiremo il riposo, fuggiremo il sonno,
we will quickly catch the dawn and the spring
and we will prepare the days and the seasons
depending on our dreams.

The white lighting
to believe all the good possible.
L’uomo in preda alla pace s’incorona di hope.
L’uomo in preda alla pace ha sempre un smile
after all the battles, for those who ask.

Fertile fuoco dei grani delle mani e delle words
un fuoco di joy s’accende e ogni heart si riscalda.
The victory si appoggia sulla fraternità.

Growing up is limitless.
Everyone will be victorious.

Wisdom hangs from the ceiling
and his gaze falls from the forehead like one
lampada di cristallo
the light slowly descends to the earth
from the forehead of the older one it passes to a smile
of children freed from the fear of chains.

Pensare che per tanto time l’uomo ha fatto
fear all’uomo
and scares the birds he carries in his head.
After having raised his face to the sun
man needs to live
bisogno di far vivere e s’unisce d’amore
joins the future.

My happiness is our happiness
my sun is our sun
noi ci dividiamo la life
space and time belong to everyone.
L’amore è al lavoro, egli è infaticabile.

We were in nineteen seventeen
and we keep the meaning
of our liberation.
We invented the others
how others made us up.

We needed each other.
Come un uccello che vola ha confidence nelle sue ali
noi sappiamo dove conduce la nostra mano tesa:
verso nostro brother.

We will fill the innocence
of the strength that so long
we missed it
we will never be alone again.

Our songs call for peace
and our answers are acts for peace.
Non è il naufragio, è il nostro desire
which is fatal, and peace inevitable.
The architecture of peace
riposa sul world intero.

Spread your wings, beautiful face;
command the world to be wise
because we get real,
let's get real together for the effort
for our will to disperse the shadows
in the dazzling course of a new light.

The force will become lighter and lighter
respireremo meglio, canteremo a voice più alta.

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The face of peace
The face of peace 2
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