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Today I have the pleasure of putting you to sleep with the story of Aesop "The dove and the ant"

Aesop (in ancient Greek: Αἴσωπος, Áisōpos; circa 620 BC – Delphi, 564 BC) wasan ancient Greek writer, contemporary of Croesus and Pisistratus (6th century BC),known for his fairy tales. His works had a huge influence on Western culture: his fairy tales are still extremely popular and known today. Very little is known about his life, and some scholars have even questioned whether the corpus of fables attributed to him is the work of a single author. The first tales in the form of a fable that have been handed down to us are his.

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Una formica assetata andò sulla riva di un ruscello per bere, ma una raffica di vento la fece scivolare e la poverina cadde in acqua. La formica non sapeva nuotare e fu trascinata a largo dalla corrente del ruscello.

"Help!" he shouted, "Help me! I'm drowning”. In quel momento passò di lì una giovane colomba che udì le grida della formichina.

Strappò un ramoscello da un albero e lo avvicinò alla formica, che riuscì ad afferrarlo e così si salvò.

Some time later, while the ant was carrying a crumb of bread to its nest, it saw a hunter stationed in the meadow. Higher up, on the branch of an oak tree, sat the very dove that had saved her from the stream.

"I have to do something” thought the little ant, “or the hunter will shoot them”. She crept up and bit as hard as she could hand del cacciatore.

L’uomo si chinò per vedere cosa lo aveva pizzicato e perse la mira mentre la colomba lo scoprì e scappò lontano.

With his courage, the ant saved the dove's life and from that day on the two animals became friends.

the dove and the ant
The dove and the ant 4

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The dove and the ant
The dove and the ant 2

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