Read and listen to Aesop's fable: "The deer at the fountain and the lion"

This evening let's read together, listen and comment on this interesting and constructive Aesop's fable.


Aesòpo (in ancient Greek: Αἴσωπος, Áisōpos; Menebria, around 620 BC – Delphi, 564 BC) wasan ancient Greek writer, contemporary of Croesus and Pisistratus (6th century BC),known for his fairy tales. His works (works of Aesop) had a great influence on Western culture: his fables are…View more

Let's read together:

A deer, thirsty, went to a source to drink; there, he stood looking at his image reflected in the water. He was proud of his big horns, with intricate designs, while his legs, he just didn't like: they were so fragile.

He was still reflecting on his reflection when a lion started chasing him. The deer fled and, for a long time, managed to distance him: in fact, his legs ran faster than those of the lion on the plain.

At some point, however, the deer found himself in a dense bush, full of brambles and bushes. He had gone a short way before his antlers got caught in the branches: among the low trees, the deer couldn't move and the lion caught up with him in an instant.

On his deathbed, the deer said to himself: “Me unhappy! Only now do I realize that those legs I despised so much could have saved me, and these horns I was so proud of were my downfall."

The deer at the source and the lion
The deer at the fountain and the lion 5

Let's listen together:

Bedtime stories
Bedtime stories
The deer at the source and the lion
The deer at the fountain and the lion 3
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