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Read and listen to The Caurabesul who cried in the woods

Hi guys, have you ever seen a person and say at first glance that they are unpleasant and then you become friends?

Don't tell lies because it has happened to everyone.

The protagonist of this evening is a caurabesul as in other popular tales of Valtellina. Also called caurabesula or nightjar, according to some this legendary animal is a bird, for others a bewitched goat: it wanders around the woods at night, making a terrible cry, which scares young and old.

Il caurabesul che gridava nel bosco
Il caurabesul che gridava nel bosco 7

Read with me:

"Don't shout, wake up the caurabesul!",the grandmother said to the child before going to sleep.
The caurabesul was a frightening animal that no child in the village had ever seen. Everyone said, however, that he had a terrible appearance: he could transform himself into a bird, sometimes into an owl, sometimes he was a bat or, when he wanted to get close to a farm, he became a goat.
Mamma e papà non credevano a queste storie: tutti i nonni del villaggio, però, dicevano sempre ai nipotini:
"If you're a brat, I'll call the caurabesul!"and the children trembled with fear.
Una notte il bambino andò a letto con il cuore agitato. Tutti dormivano: mamma, papà, i nonni nella casa accanto, il cane.
The boy woke up and looked around: it was all dark e la mamma non era ancora arrivata a dire “è mattina”. A cry came from the woods.A strange cry: the sound of an animal, but not the crackle of a frog or a duck.It sounded like: a fork screeching against the wall of the house, the saucepans falling, the chair crawling on the floor.

“Il caurabesul!”, grida il bambino, “Mamma, il caurabesul!.

La mamma si svegliò e corse nella camera del bambino. "There is no one, child." “The caurabesula does not exist and the forest is silent”.

Il verso non si sentiva più. Mamma diede un bacio al bambino e tornò nella sua camera.
After a while, the boy heard that strange noise again.
“Il caurabesul! Mamma, è tornato!”.
La mamma non sentiva …Era una notte d’estate e il papà aveva lasciato una finestra aperta.
The forest was silent again for a few minutes. The boy held his breath and holed up under the covers, his eyes open.
Then a flapping of wings and the cry was heard: it was similar to the previous verse, but not so loud.
The animal took advantage of the ajar window, entered the house and settled on the child's bed.
"Hello, child," he cried.
The boy poked one eye out from under the blanket to look.He was trembling with fear: the caurabesul had really arrived!

The grandparents were right: it was a bird, all blue, not really that big, and a little less frightening to look at. Only the sound of him was scary.
The child was shaking; even the strange bird trembled.

"Sai dov’è la mia mamma?”, the animal said to the child.
"I lost it while flying through the woods, saw an open window and thought it was here."

The boy wanted to answer, but his voice stuck in his throat.Grandparents used to say that the Caurabesul kidnap children!This one, however, was a puppy and didn't look so threatening.

"Perché non rispondi, bambino? Hai preso tu la mia mamma?“,said the little bird.
In the meantime, the woods seemed to be wide awake because there was a great noise: crass of frogs, whoops of wolves and other screeching forks in the distance.

The boy's voice slowly returned.
“Com’è fatta la tua mamma, uccello?”
The puppy replied:
"She's made just like me, but bigger."

“Bird,” continued the boy.
“Tu sei cattivo? La tua mamma è cattiva?”.
“La mia mamma non è cattiva!” gridò l’uccellino e saltò su tutte le furie. “Io non sono cattivo”.
“Uccello strano”, disse ancora il bambino. “La tua mamma rapisce i bambini?”.
This time however, thepuppy of the mysterious animal was even more frightened than the child.
“Tu sei cattivo!” gridava, “la tua mamma è cattiva”.
The wind beat hard against the window. There was another strange noise, very, very loud. A larger bird struggled through the window and landed on the child's bed.
Era mamma caurabesul ed era venuta e prendere il suo cucciolo.
“Puppy,” he cried, speaking to the little bird, “where were you? I have told you many times that you must not enter houses!”.
The boy was silent.
“Andiamo a casa, cucciolo”, disse mamma caurabesul  al suo piccolo e poi, rivolta al bambino:

“Hello baby, have a nice dream and remember. Don't worry when you hear my strange cry in the night. I have to shout, because this way my puppy hears me and doesn't get lost in the woods”.

Mamma caurabesul e il suo figlioletto volarono via dalla finestra. Il bambino gridò: “Mamma!”. La mamma si alzò dal letto e raggiunse la camera del bambino. “Che c’è ancora?”, disse sbadigliando.
“Mamma, ho scoperto che i caurabesul sono animali buoni”.
“Ah”, disse la mamma, facendo di sì con la testa. “Torna a dormire, ora”.

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Il caurabesul che gridava nel bosco 5
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