Read and listen to the child who didn't want to go to sleep

The history of this evening is dedicated to children who do not want to go to bed and invent many excuses to delay the moment of sleep.

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Parcie was achild who didn't want to go to sleep. He lived in Scotland, in a stone house on the edge of town. In the evenings, when it was dark and cold outside, Parcie stood in front of the fireplace, listening to the fairy tales that the mum and looking at the fire.

When it was time to go to sleep its mum said:
"Now it's time to go to bed, Parcie," but the little boy protested andhe invented a thousand games just to stay awake.

One evening there mumtired of the child's complaints, she said to him:
“Okay, Parcie. If you don't want to go upstairs to sleep, stay here. He will mean that you will wait for the leprechaun to arrive tonight. I'm going to bed.

Parcie looked at her mum take the stairs to go to the room.He didn't want to be alone, but he also didn't want to go upstairs to bed. So she stood and watched the fire which, slowly, made smaller and smaller flames and was about to go out... when the elf arrived.

“Hi, I'm Parcie, who are you? the boy asked.
“I am the elf. I come every night to clean the house when you are asleep.”

“I don't want to go to sleep! I'm not sleepy!" Parcie said
“I also don't want to do jobs! Let's play,” said the goblin, and they jumped around the fire. Parcie he wasn't tired, on the contrary, he wanted to jump and run more and more!

The elf and the boy jumped so much that their legs got tired. Meanwhile, however, the fire had gone out and it was starting to get cold.
“Parcie, I really have to start cleaning now. That's my job,” said the goblin.
"But I want to keep playing!" Parcie protested.

"Let's make a deal," said the goblin. “Let's meet every night, when the fire is about to go out and yours mum it's upstairs. We dance until the fire goes out and say goodbye.
If you go to sleep now, I'll come back tomorrow evening to play with you".
“Okay,” Parcie agreed. “I'm going upstairs then, but you don't say anything to the mum”. "Stt, it's coming, hide!" and the goblin hid.
The mum she had come down for a second to check on her baby.

"Mom, I'm ready, let's go to sleep now”.
“Well, I'm happy about that,” she replied mum. "Let's go upstairs."
Once in bed, Parcie fell asleep immediately, without fuss.

The following evening, he asked the mum to be able to spend a few minutes alone by the fire. There mum I accept. The elf arrived and together they jumped and ran beside the fire until they saw it put out.
"Mom, I'm ready now,” said the boy, andsince then he has not protested to go to sleep.

The boy who didn't want to go to sleep
The boy who didn't want to go to sleep 4

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The boy who didn't want to go to sleep
The boy who didn't want to go to sleep 2

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