Marco Platti's bonfire of mimosas

Hello to all friends and girlfriends of Eugene and from all over the world.

Tonight I will continue the nursery rhymes for the Women's Day that I dedicate it to all women who must be strong and courageous.

I dedicate this nursery rhyme to all the women from the site and was written by Marco Platti.

Happy listening everyone!

I hope that every night I can snatch a goodnight smile from you.

the bonfire of mimosas
The bonfire of the mimosas 4

Let's read together

“Women, women” all talking,
still of angels of the hearth.
Women who have never been weak
made of effort, struggle and laughter.
The women who create lives and destinies
managing work, husbands and children.

Women of butter, iron and glass,
women who don't back down.
Women who go out and go to the office,
the mouth that still tastes like toothpaste.
Women who spend the day alone,
and live only for husband and offspring.

Women in careers, women on the street,
the isolated women that no one pays attention to.
Romantic women, realist ones,
pragmatic and idealistic women.
Women stronger than you think
that don't need a thousand consents.

The women who embrace the brain and the heart,
and they take to the streets to honor themselves.
And the silent ones that make their way
and they grit their teeth no matter what.
Women who live many realities
in which I see no fragility.

They are not aliens or strange beings,
they are beautiful human beings.
Sure and fallacious, soft or hard,
dirty with life or little girls as well.
I don't feel I have to touch them with gloves,
you don't need men to keep them going.

I am master of their destiny,
whether it's a career, two cats or a child.
Whether they go to the front or to the altar,
no one dares to judge.
Whether they're firefighters, doctors or showgirls,
it's their business, in rhymes and quatrains.
Whether they're wearing shorts, pants or a skirt,
it happens that often the most man is a woman.

Let's listen together

Bedtime stories
Bedtime stories
The bonfire of mimosas
The bonfire of the mimosas 2

I hope that every night I will let you sleep with a beautiful fairy tale or nursery rhyme in your thoughts.

Goodnight from your little sister Francesca and from our angel Eugene.

I'll wait for you tomorrow with a new one nursery rhyme for Women's Day!

Good night to all! ♥

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