The umbrella: meditation on love

But what is love actually?

They've been trying to explain it for millennia, and just as long trying to figure it out.

I think I figured it out. Not today, not on October 17, 2020, but during these 14 years spent together with Eugenio, with Francesca, with Giuseppina.

Love is that invisible thread with which you bind yourself to children, to wife, to life, to God.

Eugenio and Remigio at Campania: umbrella
Eugenio and Remigio al Campania – December 27, 2019

Eugenio and I had and still have a doubly bond, intertwined, indissoluble, so often that neither time nor space will ever be able to break.

Eugenio and Remigio in Latvian
Eugenio and Remigio in Latvian – December 26, 2019

That's why today I feel this emptiness, this hole, that takes everything from me.

It's like the hole for an umbrella: the more you turn, the more time passes, the bigger the hole becomes, the hole becomes an abyss.

For my children I have always been the friend, the brother, the sister, the clown, the laughing stock, the leader, the captain, the leader, the warm blanket, the soft pillow, the umbrella, the screen, the shield , the needle of the balance, the column, the guide.

And all of this has always made me the happiest man on earth: to be the hub of my children's lives.

I have always taught them to love life, taste it, savor it slowly, savor it.

In Eugene's life the 2 common threads have always been family and faith.

Now, even now, family and faith are the tracks of his new life.

La famiglia che ha trovato è immensa: nuovi amici, parenti vicini e lontani, zie, zii, nonni.

Faith: well, he touches it with his hand.

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Hi, I'm Remigio Ruberto, father of Eugenio. The love that binds me to Eugenio is timeless and spaceless.

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