Thank you: I want mercy and not sacrifice

Eugene it is grace itself.

At all times he cares more for us than for himself.

When he receives food for lunch or dinner, the first question he asks us is "Do you have anything to eat?"

Whatever gesture we give him, whatever food we give him, he is always ready to say "thank you"

Pensa sempre alla sorellina Francesca, a come passa il tempo, al suo umore, ai suoi pensieri. 8 anni sono pochi per questo tipo di esperienza.

Look at the photos of friends on social networks, and remember.

When google photos evokes the past with its photos retrieved from our archives, it often gets watery eyes.

Thank you: I want mercy and not sacrifice
Eugene sleeps in the ward OPBG

Grace is a gift that comes from life, and life comes from God.

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Ciao, sono Remigio Ruberto, papà di Eugenio. L'amore che mi lega a Eugenio è senza tempo e senza spazio.

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