Sunday 22 August 2021: a date to remember. Love Sunday

To always carry in the heart: for Eugenio, for Francesca, for Giuseppina, for Remigio and for all those who love Eugenio and continue in their work of spreading the message of love that our warrior left us.

We had been in fibrillation for this event for many months: Federica Landolfi, our inspiring muse, the journalist who carried out this project with skill, professionalism and love; Giuseppina who embraced this feeling of love with so much transport, grit and inspiration and made it leak out in her sweet words; Francesca, from her very young age has guided our steps and our actions, and with almost prophetic foresight and serenity she has placed words and gestures in the right place; and I, transported by the love for my son Eugenio, guided by his strength, in the calm and serenity unknown to me until some time ago, I discovered myself as a writer of thoughts, harmony, faith, passion, love, and more love.

Preparations are in full swing: we are at 4 pm. Appointment with the staff in front of the Annunziata Church in Dragoni (CE)

Armchairs, microphones, sound-check. We have everything, absolutely everything.

TV friends MediaTV they are already here: precision and punctuality are not only Swiss qualities, on the contrary, they are taking on more of a southern Italian appearance!

The final touches to the make-up, to the tripods that support the heavy and hyper-technological cameras, which will record the event and then broadcast them to the whole world.

The Facebook streaming manager also arrives, Daniele Cirioli, with our beloved friend Don Pasquale Rubino, who opened our hearts wide by giving us time and care.

Ciak, let's get started!

YouTube videos

The lights come on, the microphones warm up: Federica begins her interview.

Sono sbalordito dalla mia calma, dalla mia tranquillità, dalla mia serenità. Eugenio: sei fantastico! Sei tu a donarmi il tuo abbraccio che mi dona pace.

We feel you, we feel your presence, we smell your infinite smell.

Even the strings most taut in emotion, such as Antonella D'Aloia or Simonetta Simonetti, stretch out, relax and enter your harmony of love, of Eden. They give voice to their love, their memories, and their heart speaks.

Vincenzo Rossi tells us about the first resonance, when he looked, amazed, at your bright, sharp, cheerful and soulful brain. He also had to admit that inside your head there was a plan, God's plan. And he let the divine will take the reins of your young life.

The impulse to let the heart speak drove Costantino Leuci in front of all his friends and with paternal love he spoke about you, about the school career you wanted to undertake and, never as before, he let the ardor of his feelings take the upwind leading to emotion.

Emotions, strong emotions. Don Davide Ortega's opening prayer diluted the tense climate, where your memory made your eyes sparkle with tears and even made your heart bleed a little.

But talking about you, talking to you, was like chatting at the bar: a continuous flow of words coming out of the heart, with the mind not connected. This is Love.

Reading excerpts from your book recited by our friend and actor Pierluigi Tortora it was so intense and full of pathos that our hearts leapt at every word!

And the love we received at the end was great, immense, warm.

We will never forget our warm, loving, trusting, intense hugs.

Grazie a tutti, grazie Eugenio.

Life is emotion: the emotion that will lead us to the Light.

Watch the live stream here on Facebook (click here)

You can watch live on MediaTV, in Campania and Molise on digital terrestrial channel 86, or in streaming (click here) the day August 26, 2021 at 9 pm

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