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September 13, 2019: it all began. Story of an adventure.



It's about 9 o'clock September 13, 2019: Eugenio wakes up groggy, dazed, almost absent.

I worry, like any father who loves his son as he loves his heart; and as I usually do in my life, I look for a solution, I rack my brains to find a remedy for this problem, which immediately seems like an insurmountable mountain.

Today begins ouradventure"which will see us united for 13 months in true and firm affection, in family love as always"fantastic 4” and in the unshakable and indelible faith that accompanies our trust in the Resurrection.

The September 13, 2020 Eugenio was leaving his body: they came to visit us from Foggia mia mamma, nonna Rosaria, mio fratello Gilberto e la moglie Mariantonietta.

There was so much love in the air, and our hearts tightened in the embrace of our warrior who was laying down his weapons, to win his race for heaven.

Gilberto talks to him, looks at him: but Eugenio has other things on his mind. He doesn't recognize it, maybe he does. One day he will confide it to me.

Grandma Rosaria caresses him gently, as only a mother caresses her child.

He is the son of the son: he is the heart of the heart!

I sketch a bitter smile, to hide my immense pain.

I hug him, I hold him, I smell his perfume: I can never get enough of it.
Eugenio è carne della mia carne, sangue del mio sangue, è tutto l’amore che ho.

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13 settembre 2019: tutto ebbe inizio 10
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