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Stand up, therefore, builders of peace: you will be called sons of God!

Don Tonino Bello

Peace builders

I enter the text (Jn 14:27-31a)

At that time, he said Jesus to his disciples: «Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you. Not as the world gives, do I give it to you. Do not let your heart be troubled and do not be afraid.

You heard that I said to you: "I am going and I will come back to you".

If you loved me, would you rejoice that I go to the Father, why the Father is bigger than me. I told you now, before it happens, so that when it happens, you believe.

I will no longer speak with you, for the prince of the world is coming; against me he can do nothing, but the world must know that I love the Father, and like the Father he commanded me, so I act."

preghierina del 9 maggio 2023
Peace builders

I get inspired

The peace it brings Jesus it is not the result of accommodation with the vicious dynamics of the world, characterized by the ambiguity of an unconscious search for deception and disappointment in everything; it is not that slightly bitter serenity that leaves too much room for laxity and compromise; nor, much less, is it a fluid economic-social well-being or a simplistic, lukewarm "inner peace".

No: the gift of the Risen Lord finds its foundation inlove unitive of Father with the Son, in which every baptized person is inserted through the Holy Spirit and is called to rediscover day after day.

The peace that the Lord leaves overcomes death and sins and, nourished by his own love, generates the profound placidity of heart of man docile to his Word of salvation.

The Prince of Peace, Jesus Risen, today he tells us personally that each of us is a creature loved by Father, therefore lovable and capable in turn of loving.

Let's not miss out on hand the possibility, precisely today and without delay, of being builders of peace, as we are steadfast in the faith in Christ and anchored in his hope of a full life, we will proceed joyfully on the path of charity.

So, each of our daily activities and each meeting with the brothers and the sisters will find in him principle and strength and fulfillment in him.

Marco Ruggiero

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I reflect on the questions

When I did or I find it harder to feel son loved by the Lord?

In which relationships or personal situations do I need to find the light oflove divine?

With what concrete gestures and actions do I commit myself every day to be a peacemaker?

We always ask the Lord to enlighten us with His Holy Spirit, so that with prayer and good reading we can find the right answer and the right stimulus.

Prayer to Mary for the ninth day of May

Maria, our travel companion – 1st part

Holy Mary, Virgin of the morning, give us the joy of intuiting, even among the many mists of dawn, the hopes of the new day. Inspire us words of courage.

Don't let our voices tremble when, despite so many wickednesses and so many sins that age the world, we dare to announce that better times will come.

Don't allow lament to ever prevail over amazement on our lips, that discouragement overrides industriousness, that skepticism crushes enthusiasm, and that the heaviness of the past prevents us from giving credit to the future.

Help us to bet more boldly on young people, and protect us from the temptation to cajole them with the cunning of sterile words, aware that only by our choices of authenticity and coherence will they still be willing to let themselves be seduced.

Multiply our energies because we know how to invest them in the only still profitable business on the civilization market: the prevention of the new generations from the atrocious evils that today make the earth short of breath.

Give our voices the cadence of Easter hallelujah. You soak the sands of our realism with dreams. Make us lovers of warm utopias from whose loopholes hope bleeds for the world.

Help us understand that pointing to the gems that sprout on the branches is worth more than crying over the falling leaves. And infuse us with the certainty of those who already see the East set on fire in the first rays of the sun.

Don Tonino Bello

preghierina del 9 maggio 2023
Maria is Jesus

Listen to our little prayer

Little prayer
Little prayer
Prayer of May 9, 2023
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